Friday, April 27, 2012

Lost Princess: The Journey Home by Julie Rainey Review

Lost Princess: The Journey Home
By Julie Rainey

Anne has led a peaceful life with eccentric parents, and then one day a woman comes to take her home to regain her rightful place as Princess Isabella on the planet Vera. Once she is there Isabella must defeat the evil dictator who has taken over her parent’s kingdom. But this is only the beginning of her story shortly after she defeats Drakeon she is pulled into another adventure that will take her to places she has never imagined.

I had a hard time reading this book though the story is interesting, the writing could definitely use improvement. The author seems to stick mainly with the facts and use very little descriptive details though this allows the reader to use their own imagination it can be a bit discouraging in the reading process. There also were quite a few typos that can also be tidied up. All in all with some massive editing I think the author has hit on an imaginative and interesting tale, maybe even two considering how much actually occurs during this one book.

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