Thursday, November 22, 2012

Running Wild by Linda Howard and Linda Winstead Jones Review

Running Wild
The Men from Battle Ridge Book One
By Linda Howard and Linda Winstead Jones

Carlin Reed is on the run, after two dates with a seemingly harmless man he soon becomes obsessed and begins stalking her. One day Carlin is in hiding when her stalker catches up with her and kills a woman who had borrowed her red rain coat sending Carlin on the run once again. This time she lands in Wyoming and what she finds there is more than just a place to lay low but a family amongst the ranch hands and maybe even a special place in her heart for Zeke, the owner of the ranch where she finds herself wanting to stay.
Running Wild (The Men from Battle Ridge, #1) 
A Maniacal killer chasing after a woman who finds herself in the arms of a sexy cowboy, what could go wrong? In this case absolutely nothing Linda Howard and Linda Jones have created an amazing romance novel full of suspense. That is only the beginning of the story though in this book Carlin grows from a cowering victim to a strong independent woman all with the help of Zeke and his hands, which reminded me of the seven dwarves each one adoring Carlin and wanting anything to make her happy. I loved the mishaps that Carlin has in the kitchen when she first arrives at the ranch to begin working as the cook she doesn’t quite know what she is doing and it adds to the story a sense of comradeship that will definitely carry over to the next novels, which I am anxiously awaiting. 

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