Monday, June 3, 2013

City of Dark Magic By Magnus Flyte

City of Dark Magic
City Of Dark Magic Book One
By Magnus Flyte

Strange things are happening in Prague, beginning with a party where all the guests in attendance begin to jump to their deaths. Shortly after this Sarah Weston receives the opportunity of a lifetime to travel to Prague Castle and begin cataloguing Beethoven’s manuscripts. As a musicologist who specializes in the life of Ludwig van Beethoven how could she turn down such an invitation? Soon after she arrives however she learns that her mentor had committed “suicide” but his is the first in many unusual deaths that begin to occur.

I am a fan of Beethoven’s music so it’s no surprise I wanted to read a book in which present day seems to intertwine with the story of Beethoven himself. I had no idea how amazing this book would actually turn out Magnus Flyte has taken multiple pasts and managed to bring them into the present in an unusual way yet it all blends together so wonderfully and precisely. I must warn you that this is truly an adult book with drugs and sex mixed into the storyline it may not be suitable for everyone, for me however the free spirited Sarah is the perfect character to tell this story. The theory behind the book is absolutely intriguing strange deaths, a drug that can let you see into the past, and all tying in with Ludwig van Beethoven what more could you ask for? 

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