Monday, March 19, 2012

Keeper of My Heart by Darcy Flynn

Keeper of my Heart
By Darcy Flynn
Set around a beautiful old lighthouse, we are introduced to strong-willed and opinionated Katie McCullough who has spent the last two years restoring our scene.  She hopes to one day buy it for herself and her “Pops.”   Just as she tastes the fruits of her determination, as her uncontested bid is to be announced, fate sucker punches her and when it turns an unknown thief has swooped in the last minutes to steal her light house.  Max Sawyer, a former naval officer now a developer,  makes his mark by transforming historic places into lavishly exclusive spas has come back to ask Katie for forgiveness for a past indiscretion.  Realizing Max was her thief Kate rages a hilarious war. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book because it was light and fun.  Darcy Flynn did an amazing job describing her scenes, though I wish there had been more to a few of the scenes themselves.   That notwithstanding, for being a shorter book I couldn’t put it down.  I loved the romance between Max and Katie with kisses and simple affection, rather than the reliance upon more carnal scenes found in most romance novels.

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