Thursday, March 22, 2012

Negative Space by Betsy Miller Review

Negative Space

By Betsy Miller


This is a short story, about seven pages in all, about a woman who has recently suffered a miscarriage and her struggle with that fact.

The story was well written, and very beautiful I can only imagine the pain that Michelle Green was going through. I should point this out before I continue I don’t have children but I am married. When the main character, Michelle, started talking about, in essence, how she and her husband where not whole just the two of them it irritated me, then we have the sentence that drove me mad “For him the one they had lost would be interchangeable with the one yet to come.” Maybe I am spoiled by having a wonderful husband who stands by me and doesn’t mind that we can’t have children but I cannot picture any man who would act this way. I give it 3/5 stars because like I said it is well written and beautiful, some women out there will love this story I am just not one of them.


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