Monday, September 10, 2012

The Summerhouse by Jude Deveraux Review

The Summerhouse
Summerhouse Book One
By Jude Deveraux

On their twenty-first birthday three women met in New York as they are renewing their driver’s licenses. The three soon hit it off Leslie has come to New York to become a dancer, Madison was sent by her small home town to become a model, and Ellie has dreams of becoming an artist. Nineteen years later after Ellie has been through a horrific divorce she decides to reconnect with the two women who touched her life forever inviting them to spend their fortieth birthday at a Summerhouse in Maine. What turns out to be an ordinary vacation soon turns into an extraordinary opportunity that will alter their lives.

This is a novel of choices, the choices we have made in our lives and where those decisions have brought us. What if you had the chance to change something in your past? This is the idea that Jude Deveraux takes on with this novel, not only is it thought provoking the author is simple brilliant in the execution of this novel intertwining three very unique stories. The only thing I must say is that the story itself starts off a bit slow, but each character has an interesting back story somewhat making up for the lack of anything truly happening, the novel truly kicks off about halfway through when the three women meet Madame Zoya. Once this happens you truly cannot put this novel down until you find out how it will end, I cannot say weather this novel is suprising the first time I read it myself I was a teenager and I absolutely fell in love, so re-reading it for review I knew what would happen and I find myself falling in love with this novel all over again, definitely worth the read.  

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