Thursday, September 13, 2012

Professor Gargoyle by Charles Gilman Review

Professor Gargoyle
Tales From Lovecraft Middle School Book One
By Charles Gilman

Robert Arthur’s neighborhood has been redistricted so now Robert will be starting middle school at the new state of the art school Lovecraft Middle School. To add to his misfortune of starting a new school the one person he recognizes from elementary is his long time bully, Glenn, having to deal with Glenn after so many years may not be so bad, but when a cute girl comes up asks if you are ok, well for a teenage boy life just gets worse from there. But soon Robert will make one or two new friends depending on how you count the two headed rat he finds in the Attic above the library, and this is just the beginning of Robert’s adventures at Lovecraft Middle School.

Where do I start with this novel? Ok, how about the obvious, the cover. My favorite part of having the cover transform from a solemn looking man to a smiling red skinned yellow eyed “gargoyle” is not telling anyone about it. For example I was in the middle of moving from Germany back to the U.S. when I was trying to receive this book so I had it sent to my mother, I am on the phone with her right after she receives it and she is telling me she is going to open it. Well, there is no arguing with my mother, so the next thing I hear is “Oh, Shoot!” to which I calmly reply “Oh, you saw the cover?” Not only does the cover provide hours of fun but when you add onto this fact that the novel itself is full of twists and turns at every step, you start with an average kid trying to survive school add in a two headed rat and the fun is exponential. Then the book is rounded off by amazing illustrations making this a book that is truly fun for all ages.

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