Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blackstone & Brenwen - The Mirror & The Meretrix By Andrew D. Mellusco Review

Blackstone & Brenwen - The Mirror & The Meretrix
By Andrew D. Mellusco

Elliot Blackstone is an idealistic lawyer who is always taking on the more unfortunate cases in his family’s law firm Blackstone and Associates. One day a case comes to his attention, his childhood sweetheart Abigail Hood, has been charged with murder can Elliot save Red Riding Hood? With the help of his colleagues a sandman Vincent Traum the fire nymph Fury and his new protégé a centaur named Epona Brenwan they uncover a conspiracy unlike any other with Royal Assassins Snow White and Rose Red  willing to stop at nothing to protect their queen’s secrets.

Andrew D. Mellusco takes a court drama and combines it with fairy tales blending them into an interesting fantasy novel. The author did a wonderful job in each of his characters my personal favorite is Snow White; I would never have imagined her as a deadly assassin. This story is full of murder and intrigue, the descriptions are so detailed that it comes to life even from the very beginning when Elliot is defending his client Jack to a court room of giants. Even if you are not a fan of legal thrillers the fantasy aspect is so captivating and well thought out that it is worth the read.

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