Friday, May 11, 2012

Wanted Nightmares: Battle For Love by Pura Preis Review

Wanted Nightmares: Battle for Love
Wanted Nightmares Book One
By Pura Preis

Amaya lived among vampires for as long as she can remember, when her “Father” does everything he can to tear her apart from her one true love she cannot take living under his rule any longer and decides to end her life. But as she falls off a cliff in Ireland she is rescued by some unknown person and finds herself trapped by her immortal family once again but this time things are different she has come to the attention of a pack of werewolves who want her dead and she has no idea why. This is only the beginning for Amaya soon her memories slowly come back to her and she must come to terms with what she really is and the battle that lies before her.

This book starts off a little rocky at first, but soon the author finds her stride and the story comes to life. In the beginning of the book the author tries to explain the love Amaya shares with Thomas but it comes off forced, later in the story though through the experiences the couple shares it is heartwarming and lovely. Pura Preis has created a fantastic character in Amaya and slowly reveals bits and pieces of her in such a way to draw you into the story and with such a unique storyline it is certainly worth the read. There isn’t much I can say without revealing too much of the plot and ruining it, but I can say it ends in such a way they you will want to go out and buy the next book as soon as possible.

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