Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Mine by John Heldt Review

The Mine
By John Heldt

Joel Smith, a geology major, is on a road trip with his best friend when they are detoured in Helena Montana decided to make use of their time in the small town Joel finds an abandoned mine and with his adventurous nature combined with his love of geology he has to explore it. But somehow he is transported back to 1941 and to an America that is on the brink of war, what he doesn’t expect on this adventure is that he will fall in love with the most captivating woman.

The Mine is an interesting historical novel; the author did a wonderful job in bringing to life a time in America when war is in the near future leading to a time of apprehension of things that have yet to come. A lot of authors have written about World War II but none have brought to the public a novel of what it must have been like right before Pearl Harbor was attacked. John Heldt did a wonderful job, the story is written so beautifully that the story takes on a life of its own with breathtaking scenery and heartfelt romance all against the backdrop of uncertainty and conflict. This story brings the question “Can love conquer all?” to the forefront in a most unusual way. If you are a fan of time travel romances I would definitely give this one a try.

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