Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Heart of Atlantis by Alyssa Day Review

Heart of Atlantis by Alyssa Day
Heart of Atlantis
Warriors of Poseidon Book Eight
By Alyssa Day

Aleric is Poseidon’s High Priest and has taken a vow of celibacy and he will remain faithful to his word even if he has found his soul mate. Though he cannot be with Quinn he will be by her side and protect her for the rest of his life. Quinn is the leader of a Resistance which often puts her in the middle of one fight after another but this time the causality is too close to home, her best friend Jack is trapped in his tiger form searching for the remnants of his humanity. This is only the beginning of the story as we travel around the world and become immersed in a battle to save all of humanity.

This is an amazing book and thankfully it is a stand-alone novel or I would have been completely lost. I have actually read the first two books in this series and this one puts those to shame. From the beginning this book is filled with action and adventure, this series isn’t called the “Warriors of Poseidon” for nothing. To make this book even better Allysa Day takes a story that is already absolutely captivating and adds in a fierce romance between two amazing characters. Not only did the author create amazing characters with engrossing story lines but she has also created some of the most vivid and breathtaking scenes imaginable. I love this book and I am definitely going to go back and read more of the series.

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