Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Super Spud Trilogy By Michael Diack Review

The Super Spud TrilogyThe Super Spud Trilogy
By Michael Diack
Genetically engineered potato chips are more flavorful, and also tend to talk more than your average chip. And so begins the adventures of the Super Spud potato chips!

I can handle absurd crude humor; sometimes I even love it that was not the problem with this book. My problem is that there was no point. It seemed to be one short story after another, which is not bad but the author bounces around from one story to the next so frequently you cannot connect to the story or the characters themselves. Since this book is supposed to be at least three separate novels you want there to be a concise beginning middle and end for each book. The stories seemed more suited for children, take out the violence add some pictures and you will have an amazing children’s series.  What I did like about the book where some of the characters that were based off pop culture or historic icons, can you imagine Robin Hood or Indiana Jones as potato chips?  

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