Friday, December 7, 2012

Thickness of Blood By Kimberly Gould Review

Thickness of BloodThickness of Blood
By Kimberly Gould


Lila is fourteen years old living in the seventies her family seems to forget about her as soon as she is out of sight, one day as she is out playing she meets James, an older man who loves to sexually manipulate little girls. George is the father of James’ previous victim and is on a hunt for justice. On his search, George finds Lila who has been left pregnant and alone after two years of abuse. George knows he cannot leave her to fend for herself, so he takes her home and into his family.

Kimberly Gould has written some vivid and highly graphic scenes, what is a compliment to the author’s abilities is actually what I disliked the most. The first thirty percent of this book is about James and what he is doing to a confused little girl. Thirty percent of highly graphic sexual scenes between a fourteen year old and a twenty-something man. I understand the need for a connection to the story through the events that have taken place, but there is such a thing as too much. Then you have the scene where George and his wife are in their own intimate situation and he begins thinking about what has been done to his daughter... What?  I do think Kimberly Gould has potential, this storyline however was not a great place to flex her descriptive narration in such great details it took this book from dramatic to just weird and disturbing.

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