Friday, June 15, 2012

A Different Kind of Forever by Dee Ernst Review

A Different Kind of Forever
By Dee Ernst

Diane is on the verge of pulling her hair out as her teenage daughters have been obsessing over a radio give away for free tickets to the concert of NinetySeven, the famous boy band who are scheduled to end their tour in their home town. Soon Diane becomes the coolest mom ever to live as she runs into Michael Carlucci the songwriter and gorgeous youngest member of NinetySeven when Diane is taking a much needed lunch break and his dog comes bounding at her intent on her sandwich to make up for the commotion he offers her tickets to the concert for her daughters and their friends. Soon after this chance meeting Diane and Michael grow close but since Diane is twenty years older than Michael she decides to just go with it and have fun but when she begins to have feelings for him will she be able to overcome her insecurities or will she end up going back to an old flame who comes back into her life.

This was such a beautiful romance, even though I am still in my twenties through Dee Ernst’s fantastic writing I was right there with Diane as she fell in love and I could feel her anxiety at being older than Michael, this to me is the mark of a brilliant writer. When the author introduces an old flame there truly is a point where you wonder who she will end up choosing and you even begin to root for the other guy even though Michael is a heart throb character. This was definitely a remarkable romance a much different than anything out there.

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  1. I loved Different kind of Forever but isn't there
    going to be a follow up on Diane and Michael??? Thanks,Donna

    1. I checked with the author and she told me that there are two follow-up short stories one that is going to be published in an Anthology where the proceeds will go to a charity, and the other will be free for anyone who sign ups when her website goes live. She has promised to send me more information as well as links, when she does I will be sure to post it :D