Friday, June 22, 2012

Judgement of Souls by Margarita Felices Review

Judgement of Souls
By Margarita Felices

It’s Halloween the one time Rachel feels the most comfortable because she can blend in more easily with the mortals. When she spots some people heading into a bar that is holding a fancy dress party she follows along her vampire senses take in her surroundings and she makes a captivating entrance as the owner of the bar takes notice of her right away. They have an immediate connection and soon they begin to date with Rachel walk in and out of his life like a mysterious and alluring woman. Soon Rachel finds out that Daniel has a scroll left to him by his uncle that can help to free her parents from their slumber and in the wrong hands it will cause devastating effects but can she get to it before Max the evil vampire finds it?

I am not a huge fan of vampire romances, this one has a good back story the only problem I had with this book is it seems to be too fast paced, some of the details the author gives are to the point and moves on leaving you wanting more to the scene. If you are a fan of vampire romances you should give this a try though it is interesting enough and a lot like many of the others out there that have done very well, but for me I need something more to set a vampire romance apart. However it was well written and I think the author has a great idea and with a little adjustment it could be a remarkable read.

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