Monday, June 25, 2012

Voyage of the Dead by David P. Forsyth Review

Voyage of the Dead
Sovereign Spirit Saga Book One
By David P. Forsyth

A ship full of passengers receive startling news from ashore, the ship has been at sea for the past few weeks and now on land there is an outbreak of what looks like zombies. The CDC is calling it a virus, super rabies to be exact and through social media and the toys of a man who has just won the lottery, the members aboard the ship do everything they can to save the people they care about.

This was an amazing book, right from the beginning the author jumps in with action and violence as the zombie plague spreads through LAX airport. Unlike some zombie books out there, this one has an origin a place where the zombies actually came from instead of just being an act of God, which I thoroughly enjoyed and for me it made the zombie apocalypse much more believable.  Another aspect I enjoyed of this book is that the people it surrounds are not only out there to save themselves but they truly want to save other people from a terrible fate and you don’t see that very much anymore. All in all this is a great action novel, with fast paced scenes and gruesome details it is sure to please any fan of the action genre.

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  1. This looks really good! I just added it to my TBR mountain on goodreads. Thanks for pointing it out to me.