Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Sin Collector by Jessica Fortunato Review

The Sin Collector
Book One of The Sin Collector Trilogy
By Jessica Fortunato

Liliana was born a Sin Collector taking the sins of those who are dying so that they can be at peace in the world here after. She has seen many things in her one hundred years of life and it has been a long time since she has performed the ritual to collect sins. She has started to live her life as a normal person working at a library until one day a request for a book of Sin Collectors comes through the library making her afraid for her life.

This is an interesting novel it is very much fantasy with hints of mystery and romance. Liliana is a strong willed woman who rides around on her motor cycle like she owns the place which is fun to see in a character, girl power and all that, but she is also kind and caring with a great amount of love to give making her a diverse and provoking character. When you add in the story line and even the back story Jessica Fortunato creates a world unlike any other with Sin Collectors and an organization determined to kill off each one and when people from Liliana’s past come back into her life the drama that ensues is palpable. This book is worth the read, it’s not very long but the author fills every page with drama and intrigue.

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