Saturday, October 13, 2012

Special Offers By M.L. Ryan Review

Special Offers
By M.L. Ryan

Divorcee Hailey Parrish has been single for three years and has no interest in men, compulsive book hoarder she decides one day to buy a kindle; once she does she is bombarded by men. The kindle that she bought for a reduced price with “special offers” comes fully installed with a man who takes over residence inside her body until he can get back to his own.

Special Offers

This is such a funny book! I of course had to read it after the author approached me, I mean a man in a kindle what more could a bookworm such as myself ask for? Unfortunately my kindles have never come with one. Not only does this novel have a paranormal aspect but also a science fiction approach with Sebastian, the man trapped inside Hailey, and his business partner Alex being from another world altogether where their bodies never die but their spirits move on. What makes this novel so much fun is Sebastian and Hailey are complete opposites and must manage to cohabitate the same body. This is truly a fun a quirky book though the cover does need a bit of work, do not let it fool you, this book is definitely worth reading!

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  1. I loved this book. The new cover is perfect. This one would make you think twice, but the synopsis would get me anyway!