Monday, October 22, 2012

Burner By M.C. Mars Review

By M.C. Mars

Jason Teal dropped out in his last semester of college where he was studying to become an astrophysicist, to pursue his dream in the music industry. As the years go by his dream is still strong but he is no closer to fulfilling it, he works in an elevator where he plays his music for the patrons he must escort to and from their destinations. One day one of these patrons makes him an offer he cannot refuse, taking him down into the rabbit hole with one strange “test” after another until Jason’s entire reality has been altered.


Wow, this novel is completely intoxicating. We start off with Jason Teal hip hop deejay and music producer who seems to be obsessed with his brother’s work. His brother was famous for his street graffiti and in a way it sees Jason is trying to live up to his brother and when he fails he then becomes obsessed. This is only one of the story lines within this novel there is so much that happens and each test that Jason must endure weaves another stranger and mind altering scene then the previous one. What is remarkable about this is not just the series of events that take place but how the author takes you by the hand and makes sure you do not miss a single beat, if he didn’t this novel would surely fail but since he has it makes it thoroughly fascinating. If you are a fan of psychological thrillers this is a must read instead of this novel leaving you wondering “what the heck just happened” it leaves you exhaling audibly and a simple “Wow!”

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