Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Warrior Reborn by Melissa Mayhue Review

Warrior Reborn
Warrior Reborn
Warrior Book Two
By Melissa Mayhue

Christiana has been gifted with visions her entire life but because of this she is held captive by her half-brother. Though life is not without hope she has foreseen a man from the future who will come to her aid in medieval Scotland, Chase Noble. Chase is a former special ops agent who has been waiting his entire life for the gift of a Fae that his father once promised him. The gift is finally finding his soul-mate.

I always enjoy a good time-travel novel when you blend the old with the new, or even vice versa. I personally think it takes a lot of talent to pull something like this off, because you must weave two completely different stories and settings into one seamless novel. Melissa Mayhue has done a remarkable job, not only did she manage to entrance the reader with the settings and characters of a time-travel novel but she also added in her own twist with an aspect of Fae being responsible and a highly influential facet. But this is only the beginning of the beauty of this novel, first and foremost it is a romance and Melissa Mayhue wrote so convincingly that the romance is palpable. If you are a fan of romance this is one worth taking the time to read, it is entertaining and beautiful. Though this is book two in the series it is a “stand-alone” novel so you can pick it up and read without feeling lost, but it will make you want more.

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