Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mumma Shana by Dana Wolf

Mumma Shana
By Dana Wolf

This is the story of Dorie’s life from the tribulations in her childhood to the heartbreak in her teenage years and through to her adulthood where she continues to face one trial after another. Dorie is raised as a good Jewish girl she struggles with her faith, works to overcome her dysfunctional family, and learns about loss and finds out how to love for the first time.

The first half of this book is all about the pain Dorie has gone through with a father who could care less about her and a mother who is manipulative and mentally abusive to her children. Which is interesting even though the story progresses slowly and the author bounces around in her story from one person to another and from one time period to a completely different one. Then you have the last half of the novel most of which is how Dorie is beginning to stand up for herself and make the changes she desperately needed to make. It isn’t until about eighty percent through the book that I wanted to stop reading completely.

Dorie has been married and has a child with this man and knows he has a drinking problem, when her husband finally confesses to the problem she does not decide “I should try to help him” no she decides “Oh well I wanted to leave you anyway” not only does she want to leave her husband but she wants to leave him for another man who is also married. As if the author caught on that this is a messed up situation she sends Dorie home to her husband and has him “attack” her and throw her on the couch in an effort to justify Dorie’s actions. If this isn’t bad enough the author also seems to take a carbon copy of the hated mother character and re-name her and label her as the wife of the man Dorie is now in love with the only difference being she is physically abusive as well as mentally. When I have already begun to hate the character once it seems deflated to try to hate her again.

I talked to my husband about the book as I often do when I am reading and reviewing, and he says “Personal feelings aside, how is the story?” The only thing I could say was that it was boring nothing really happens until the end and by then I had already wanted to stop reading and pick up something else.

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