Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Slither Sisters By Charles Gilman

The Slither Sisters
Tales from Lovecraft Middle School Book Two
By Charles Gilman

Once again we join the adventure of Robert a seventh grader at the new Lovecraft Middle School picking up right where Professor Gargoyle left off. There are two new monsters to fight against in this book, twin sisters who are running for student counsel. Will Robert be able to stop them before they take over the entire school?

Once again Lovecraft Middle school sucks you straight into the story, with Robert battling monsters from another dimension that appear as students from around the school. I absolutely loved this book it’s a great continuation of the story but also in this book Charles Gilman has added an unlikely ally to Robert and Glenn as they continue on in a search to stop the evil Tillinghast. Not only is this a fantastic story it also has some amazing illustrations by Eugene Smith who does a fantastic job capturing what Charles Gilman is trying to get across to his readers and bringing it to life throughout the pages of the books. This is definitely one of those “fun for all ages” books making it a perfect series to read along with your kids.  

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