Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Breeders By Matthew J. Beier

The Breeders
By Matthew J. Beier

In the future homosexuals are reigning supreme and through genetic manipulation control the sexuality of a child making heterosexuals are only a backup plan in case their plans fail most of them are sterile and only a handful are able to reproduce. Grace is a heterosterile, until she becomes pregnant after an encounter with Dex Wheelock. Now she must fight to save the life of her unborn child.

Some aspects of this book are really interesting, such as how Grace became able to reproduce, but then you have to world in which the author has created in which homosexual men are purely driven by their sexual organs. This book is highly adult with rape and consensual episodes around every corner, literally in some instances.  I think if Matthew J. Beier had integrated a perspective of a homosexual man not in the resistance but going along with the political regime then it would have been easier to relate to this book, as it is I just can’t imagine a world where homosexual men have turned into Nazis and all they care about is sex and destroying every last breeder out there. The afterword is a good touch to the novel itself as it explains some things but the purpose of a good book is to do this through the narration. I do think it’s an interesting concept I just wish it had been a bit more believable than it is. 

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