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The Warwicks of Slumber Mountain By Cheryl B. Dale

The Warwicks of Slumber Mountain

By Cheryl B. Dale

This is the story of Belinda Rand, Lindy as known by close friends and family, and the struggle that she goes through to find herself and her destiny.   Lassitan is a quiet town in northern Georgia that like most small towns have their own folklore and rumors about other people in town, in this story that is the Warwick family. The Warwicks are said to be witches, or some other type of supernatural beings that if you crossed or mingled with them you would live to regret it. Lindy thought she knew all too well about the power the Warwicks had when she befriended a Warick named Gareth and soon after that experienced a loss in her family.  Gareth and Lindy had no further interaction until one night she was coming home from work, and saved his life and this is the turning point in the story when Lindy begins to realize she could be destined and capable of more than she had ever expected.

The story begins with introducing Lindy, her abusive and tragic past, the stories about the Warwick family, and how little of herself she thinks of. Lindy in the beginning of the story feels unworthy of  a successful life that she dreams of having. As I mentioned in the synopsis she saves one of the Warwicks, Gareth, from drowning in the lake but what I failed to mention is how. Lindy does however have one upper hand compared to everyone else, she can hear a subconscious voice that allows her to hear animals in stress, but can sometimes hear humans. The night she saved Gareth she heard him floating in the lake on the verge of drowning.  After taking a possibly drunk Gareth home, she makes a deal that changes her entire life, even though she thinks it is all a dream. I’m not going to tell you what the deal is because then you wouldn’t want to read this amazing book. Lindy leaves Lassitan and does not return until 10 years later, to fulfill her end of the deal she made with the Warwick family.

 Although I am leaving quite a bit of mystery for you, please note that this story captures almost every element of what a reader would want to read. It features magic, love, murder, mystery, and much much more. When I first saw the cover, and read the description I was highly skeptical but once I started this book I simply could not put it down, I was that enveloped in what was going to happen next. 


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