Friday, May 17, 2013

The Portal By Alan Zendell Review

The Portal
By Alan Zendell

Set over one hundred years in the future in a declining society we meet a special boy, Harry who will soon leave his mark on the world. The story begins when Harry is fourteen after he loses his one friend and confidant, his grandfather, Harry spirals into a deep depression until he meets a remarkable girl that soon captures his heart.  Harry wants nothing more than to spend the rest of his life with Lorrie; instead he spends the rest of his life searching for her when she disappears.

Throughout the story we follow along through each of Harry’s loves and losses spanning his entire life, we also follow along through his triumphs in his own personal life as he is determined to effect change in the world around him and not just be a bystander in society.  The story itself is interesting, a love story mixed with futuristic political unrest. The author does a great job of getting his point across and describing the nation and the problems the world is facing drawing you into the story even further as you begin to hope for a solution. The only real problem with this book is that if you are going to set it in the future we need more descriptive scenery you wouldn’t know it was a futuristic novel if the author didn’t incorporate holograms and also add in dates so that you know how much time has passed between each event in Harry’s life. If you don’t mind relying on your own imagination when it comes to the scenery then this is definitely worth the read.

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