Saturday, July 28, 2012

Agnes and the Hitman by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer Review

Agnes and the Hitman
By Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer

Cranky Agnes is a successful food writer and when a gun toting guy comes into her home after her dog her first call is Joey a former mobster and one of her best friends. Joey calls in his nephew, Shane who is a hitman, to come and protect Agnes afraid that the dognapper is only the beginning. Agnes not only has to contend with a dognapper but if she cannot pull off an upcoming wedding without a hitch she will lose her home and everything she thought she ever wanted. Agnes and Shane work together to pull off the wedding, stop the assassins who keep coming for Agnes and inevitably begin to have feelings for each other that will change their lives forever.

Agnes is not your ordinary damsel in distress, not only is she good with a frying pan in the kitchen but it seems to be her weapon of choice, making her truly an interesting character and when you add in Shane the hitman and a variety of eccentric side characters you have one heck of a funny and captivating novel. I have read several of Jennifer Crusie’s novels and I truly enjoy her writing and the stories she creates, they are light, fun and full of the warm and fuzzies, when you add in Bob Mayer to the equation, a former Green Beret and West Point graduate it adds a different perspective to the male character making him more realistic yet still a heartthrob. This is truly a fun book from two talented authors; if you are into contemporary romance I would recommend you give these two a try!

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