Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovich Review

Wicked Appetite
Lizzy and Diesel Book One
By Janet Evanovich

Lizzie Tucker gave up her fast paced career in New York and moved into her aunt’s old house in Marblehead and soon started working in a small local bakery life was quiet and fit her just fine. One day a handsome stranger brands her with his mark and disappears shortly after this unusual encounter another gorgeous man comes looking for her and tells her the other man is his evil cousin who is after a relic that represents gluttony, if his cousin manages to collect all of the relics that represent the deadly sins he can open the gates to hell on earth.

Not only is this a wonderful thriller it is also hilarious with outlandish characters such as the monkey who continually flips people the bird to the would-be witch whose spells continually go awry. Janet Evanovich does a wonderful job in blending multiple genres into one brilliant and cohesive novel. With fantasy, mystery, romance, and comedy this book has a little bit of everything for everyone. It is a light hearted and fun read, so if you are looking for something thought provoking you may want to go elsewhere.

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