Friday, July 13, 2012

A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin Review

A Game of Thrones
A Song of Ice and Fire Book One
By George R. R. Martin

Winter is coming, this is the ominous saying of the Starks of Winterfell when the winter does come back it will bring with it creatures of old tales. Though Winter is on its way this is not the only problem the House of Stark faces when The Hand of the King dies the king himself requests that Eddard Stark become the new Hand and help him rule his kingdom throwing Eddard Stark and his family into a game full of lies, espionage, and murder. Across the sea the former prince barters his own sister for an army of warriors in hopes of gaining his rightful place, but the cruel prince underestimates the people his sister has become a part of.

There is no way to truly encompass this novel in a short synopsis, not only because it is eight hundred pages long but because the author seems to encompass almost every genre imaginable. I imagine if some authors try this they will find a jumbled mess in their hands but George R. R. Martin managed to bring together a novel that is truly epic and seamless in its telling. Not only does the author write a beautiful story between his characters making you fall in love with each one he also manages to make you hate the villains so much so that you almost wish they would soon get what they deserve. To me this is the mark of a brilliant novel, many authors can make you fall in love with characters but very few can make you hate them. 

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