Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Running Man by Stephen King Review

The Running Man
By Stephen King
Writing as Richard Bachman

In a time where poverty is the norm, Ben Richards is willing to forfeit his life to save his eighteen month old daughter who is dying of influenza. Richards is soon chosen for The Running Man, a reality TV show where everyone is hunting him for a prize. When nowhere is safe and you must survive to earn your prize what would you do to win?

I don’t remember watching this movie but I know if I were to ask my mother she would swear I have seen it, growing up with a Stephen King buff I probably have, but when I first started this book the first thing I thought was Jebus it’s the original Hunger Games, without children killing each other. Ben Richards is an average guy in hard times which makes him highly relatable, well unless you are a spoiled rich kid I guess, and he is just doing his best to support his family which adds into the story a sympathetic dimension. All in all it’s an interesting read; if you are a fan of the dystopian genre then you should definitely pick this one up if you haven’t read it already.

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