Monday, July 9, 2012

The Truce By E. Milan Review

The Truce
By E. Milan

In an instant your life can be over but what happens afterward? This is a question many people ask, for Aaron and Amber there is life after death they both wake up in Purgatory. They can both sit and wait for their chance to be lead to Heaven but when they learn that there may be another way neither one is content to wait. To get to Heaven they must first travel through hell, once they are there though they are pulled into an epic battle two and a half millennia in the making.

I didn’t quite know what to make of this book but the synopsis was interesting enough to grab my attention, the author starts right off in killing his main characters in some cases this is a bad thing but in this case it proved to be an interesting take on the here-after. I am no master of theology so I won’t go into Purgatory or Heaven and Hell that is up to the readers discretion, what I will say is as a work of fiction this novel is along the lines of an epic fantasy including a battle that could only be imagined and is truly fun to read. This isn’t a romance novel the romance itself is shallow and not as heartwarming as it could be but it is a fantastic action adventure.
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