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  1. In the author assistance blog on here, i noticed you said you review books on your blog. I'd love it if you would look into mine. After looking at your site, i loved the popularity of it. you can find my book on Kindle for 4.95 or soft back between 10 to 15 dollars on amazon. I am a new author and only have two reveiws. i have sold 8 copies. Thanx for being an avid reader and sharing your views with the world.

  2. I like your blog. You've got nice side-bars. Please check out my blog I am having a poetry analysis contest until the last Friday of March. Also, I would be happy to guest post for your blog.
    Thank you, Shelby

  3. Would you be interested in reviewing a vampire romance?
    Lana Campbell

  4. Would you please be interested in reviewing my novel "The Full Circle: A Saga of Unrequited Love",( set partly in India and partly in USA.


    Ratan Kaul

  5. Hi Heather,
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  6. Hi heather,

    This is Sarva. I write mystery novellas. I would be happy if you can review my book "Suspects, Suspects Everywhere'.

    It is a short read. Hope you enjoy it.

    It is available on Kindle Unlimted.

  7. Hello Heather,
    I found you on Goodreads, decided to check out your blog and discovered you were from Louisiana! I am...not. But considering that you are, I wondered if you were an Anne Rice fan, specifically the Interview with a Vampire series.

    This is ComicCon 2022 weekend, and the series premiere is a big deal at the moment, something I'm looking forward to. What are your thoughts on the upcoming AMC take on the books? Just curious. Maybe you could make a blog entry out of it.

    All the best!