Thursday, August 30, 2012

On the road again!

Hey guys a quick post to let everyone know I may not post again for a little while. It is moving day and that means I am not sure when I will have Internet access at our next duty station, but as soon as I do I can get back to work! :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Something Borrowed By Emily Griffin Review

Something Borrowed
By Emily Griffin

Rachel has spent her entire life catering to Darcy’s needs, and always coming in second to the high strung and gorgeous Darcy. Then on Rachel’s thirtieth birthday she drinks a bit too much and finds herself in bed with Darcy’s fiancĂ©. Rachel knows it is wrong but soon she can’t help the feelings that have grown inside of her as she realizes she loves Dex.

Something Borrowed

For the first time someone has taken the “other woman’s” side and though it may be an interesting perspective she is still the other woman, and with that comes the stigma of “she is such an idiot.” Emily Griffin manages to create such an unlikable character in Darcy you can’t help but side with Rachel no matter how hard you try, and just when you start to sympathize with Darcy and think Rachel is indeed a bad person she pulls something out of her sleeve that will make you rethink taking Darcy’s side to begin with. This wasn’t a bad book, it was certainly well written, I think this is one of those books that will be torn between sections you will either love it or hate it no middle ground.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins Review

Catching Fire
The Hunger Games Book Two
By Suzanne Collins

Katniss has inadvertently started a revolution with the way she won the Hunger Games, bringing her to the forefront of President Snow’s attention. This year when the Hunger Games are announced it is on a “special occasion” and this year’s contestants will be chosen out of the winners of the previous Games. So once again Katniss is thrown into the arena to fight for her life and hopefully protect Peeta whom she has come to care for more than she realized.

This book was interesting but not as good as the beginning, the relationships that Katniss forms in this book are not as provoking as they were in the previous one though the author does introduce a myriad of characters who become unlikely allies who compromise an interesting outlook from the previous novel. The progression of the story was exciting and necessary, but hopefully Suzanna Collins can bring the lost romance back into the third book even though the progression between Peeta and Katniss is fun it was often times too subtle. I can’t wait to read Mockingjay the third and final book of the Hunger Games Trilogy to see what will happen next.

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

That Thing Called Love by Susan Andersen Review

That Thing Called Love
Razor Bay Book One
By Susan Andersen

When Jake Bradshaw was a teenager his girlfriend ended up pregnant, Jake tried to do right by the girl he loved and his unborn child by getting married and taking on a job that would help him support his new family and passing up on his scholarship and a chance to leave the small town he had come to loathe, when his wife dies and his mother and father in law offer to take his son so he can pursue his college education Jake jumps at the chance. Thirteen years later Austin’s grandparents have both passed away leaving him with Jenny Salazar who has been like an older sister to him since his grandparents took her into their home when she was sixteen. Jenny would love nothing more than to keep Austin with her, but Jake decides this is the chance he needs to make up to Austin for not being in his life and wants him to come be with him, but he soon gets more than he bargained for.

I wasn’t sure I would like this novel, I mean a dead beat dad doesn’t scream “read me” what I didn’t count on was that Susan Andersen is such an interesting composer that you will end up falling in love with Jake and his many flaws. Not only does the author make you feel for such an unlikely character she brings to life the full cast of characters in such a way that each one is intriguing from Jenny and the trials she has faced to Max, Jake’s half-brother, and even Harper who doesn’t come into the picture until later in the story, making you thoroughly anticipate the rest of the series. This is definitely an interesting concept and unlike anything I have read previously making it well worth the read.   

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Murder Most Frothy by Cleo Coyle Review

Murder Most Frothy
Coffeehouse Mystery Series Book Two
By Cleo Coyle

Clare Cosi lives for coffee, ever since she was a child, so it is no surprise that she is a highly successful New York barista. Her millionaire friend David has asked her down to the Hamptons for the summer to train his staff at his new restaurant with all expenses paid for her and her daughter it is an offer she cannot refuse, but during a Fourth of July party she is catering she stumbles upon the dead body of one of her employees she takes it upon herself to find out who killed this man and if their attempts weren’t actually meant for someone else.

This was a great cozy, the first book I have read from the Coffeehouse Mystery Series and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This book is witty and humorous fulfilling much of what I expect when I read a cozy mystery. The Author did a wonderful job in describing the coffee that even for someone like me, who doesn’t particularly like it; I wanted to taste the delectable creations that Cleo Coyle describes. The coffee isn’t the only thing that the author was able to create brilliantly; her scenes were able to draw you in so that you were able to fully take in what was happening, also the relationships that the author has created make you curious as to what has taken place in the past and what will become of the menagerie of characters. The mystery itself, though not intense since it is a cozy, will keep you guessing until the very last minute and the author does a remarkable job of tying up any “loose ends” that some mystery authors tend to overlook.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Crossed by Ally Condie Review

Matched Book Two
By Ally Condie

Cassia is determined to find Ky after he has been taken by the Society into the Outer Provinces where the Society intends for him to be a casualty in the ongoing war. But after Cassia arrives she finds that Ky has already escaped into the mountainous caverns. Along the way she discovers remnants of a society that has survived until now and other startling revelations. Soon her journey is not just about finding Ky but also joining the rebellion in hopes of changing the Society itself.

In this book we find out more about Ky and his past as he relives lost memories that have resurfaced due to being in close proximity to where he has once lived, the life Ky once had is so captivating but we also learn more about Xander and Cassia creating a more diverse love triangle between the three and the reader dying to know who Cassia will chose. This entire novel may not have been as great as the first one, sequels rarely are, but the more the story progresses the more enthralling it becomes. Ally Condie did a remarkable job in expanding the story into so much more, creating two other civilizations to coincide with the Society and adding new dimensions to an already fascinating story.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ghost Radio by Leopoldo Gout Review

Ghost Radio
By Leopoldo Gout

Joaquin is the host of a popular occult orientated radio show where people call in to relay their bizarre stories. Joaquin has experienced his own share of life altering events that have lead him to opening the radio show as a forum for people who need to share and hopefully be able to come to terms with what has happened to them. Everything is going exceptionally well for Joaquin he has even been given a job to broadcast in the states for the first time, but soon the stories from his show aren’t just stories as strange events begin to bleed over into his everyday life.

The author did a great job with this novel it is strange and riddled with smaller scary stories that keep you immerged in the story. The main plot line is, well weird it leaves you wanting more and in the end when the true events come to light you are left feeling empty. It was a good ending for the novel but for me I wish it had been better there are so many directions the author could have gone with this one and I feel the one he chose fell flat. The rest of the novel is brilliant and thought provoking, the smaller stories are creepy and interesting, all in all it is a good book too bad you can’t skip the end.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Manhunting by Jennifer Crusie Review

By Jennifer Crusie

Career orientated businesswoman Kate Svenson has decided to get married all now she needs to do is follow her business plan that she drafted for finding the perfect man to settle down with. She decides to go to an exclusive resort in Kentucky where a lot of powerful men vacation in hopes of finding her Mr. Right. But after one disastrous date after another she decides to give up completely and then is taken off guard when her Mr. Right was under her nose the entire time.

Not many books can make me laugh out loud I may smile and enjoy a scene but to laugh out right is embarrassing but this book was so cute and amusing I couldn’t help myself. Jennifer Crusie has written a fun steamy romance, full of finding love and learning that you cannot always plan every detail of your life no matter how hard you try. I loved Jake the heart throb and the laziest man in the world his outlook on life may be jaded but he makes this book, and the antics that Kate finds herself in as she accidentally maims one date after another, even though sometimes it’s not quite an accident.  If you enjoy contemporary romances then this is definitely worth the read.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

The Notebook
By Nicholas Sparks

He comes every morning with his tattered notebook to read to her, the story of Noah and Allie. It started with a summer romance, but after that summer they are separated thinking they will never see the other again. Until one day Allie sees a house in a newspaper, it is the house that Noah had always said he would restore and he did. Allie who is engaged to be married decides she needs to see Noah and to tell him of the engagement herself and hopefully be able to move on with her life, but soon they fall in love all over again.

Nicholas Sparks is an evil, evil man I never begin any of his novels without a box of tissues by my side, I have only come across one of his books so far that didn’t leave me in tears, but this novel put the others I have read to shame. It is so beautiful and moving, the love the main characters share is so strong that the thought of it can cause me to emit a heartfelt sigh. I had put off reading this book for a while now because I had seen the movie and if this book was anything like it I knew I would be crying like a baby, but I was not prepared for what awaited me. Whereas the movie focuses a lot on the summer the two spent together this novel focuses on the time that came after and I don’t think it could have been better. I wish I had read this a long time ago it was absolutely amazing.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Love Lies and Liqour by M.C. Beaton

Love, Lies and Liquor
Agatha Raisin Mystery Series Book Seventeen
By M.C. Beaton

Agatha Raisin decides to go on a holiday with her ex-husband but when he takes her to his favorite childhood retreat and finds the town has become dilapidated and crude they soon decide to venture elsewhere. Until a woman is found strangled on the beach by Agatha’s scarf and Agatha becomes determined to find out who killed this woman.

I have recently fallen in love with Cozy Mysteries, a subgenre of crime fiction where sex and violence are presented in a more light hearted way, and this one has proven that when you supply witty context a bit of humor and an intriguing murder mystery it makes for a fantastic read. This is my first Agatha Raisin novel and it managed to pull me in and make me eager to find out more of her story. Agatha runs a successful detective agency and has a few interesting characters that are her employees and then you add in her strange love life you have a wonderful cast of characters that come to life through the pages of this book.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Must Love Dogs by Claire Cook

Must Love Dogs
By Claire Cook

Divorced forty year old Sarah Hurlihy is finally ready to start dating again, after much urging from her rather large and obnoxious family. Her sister decides she needs to place a personal add in the local paper and then after much nagging she concedes, from here thing get a lot more interesting in Sarah’s life and she soon has more male attention than she knows what to do with.

I fell in love with the Movie Must Love Dogs when it came out and I had, had no idea that it was based on a book when I found this out I of course had to read it. Unfortunately the book fell flat compared to the movie, the romance between John and Sarah was not very believable it just seemed she had decided after she exhausted her other two options to go with him. I had hoped for more details but we actually get less in the book than we do with the movie. I hate it when Hollywood out does a book but this is one of those rare instances.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Toys by James Patterson

By James Patterson

Hays is an Elite genetically altered to be perfection personified with super strength and speed, but when Hays finds out he is not actually an elite but was born as a human his entire world is tossed upside down and thrown into a battle as the Elites he once loved and was an integral part of want to exterminate all humans. Together with his adoptive sister he had not known existed, the two work together to aid the human resistance and bring an end to the war between the two factions and along the way their relationship becomes more than either of the two expected.

James Patterson is a fantastic author and this book is no exception he brings science fiction and mystery combining the two into a face paced and unbelievable action and adventure novel. I am not big on the romance he created in this book I know they are not actually related and that they had never met before, but calling each other brother and sister playfully then lusting after her the next minute is a bit weird to me, not to mention he has a wife and kids even though his wife wants him dead after she finds out he is a human. Maybe I am a bit biased since I have read some of Patterson’s romances and I know for a fact he can do much better. That withstanding it is a fun book and a great read.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
By Stephen King

Nine year old Trisha McFarland is hiking along listening to her mother and older brother bicker incessantly she begs for them to stop so she can use the restroom but they are so engrossed with their conversation they don’t even notice. Trisha decides to stop anyways thinking she will do her business and she will be able to catch up with them in no time and maybe, just maybe, they will notice her missing and it will give them something else to talk about. But Trisha can’t seem to find where they have gone off to; she can’t even find the trail she was on. Now Trisha is lost in the woods with only her Walkman to give her comfort as she tunes into baseball games and fantasizes that Tom Gordon is there with her protecting her. Soon, something begins to follow her, something sinister, will Trisha be able to find her way to safety or will whatever has taken notice of her end her misery once and for all?

With this novel it is hard to decipher what is illusion and what is truth as Trisha’s imagination starts to play tricks on her but so does something else, at times it gets confusing and most of the time I kept thinking “well that must be fake too” when it was actually something that was supposed to be physically happening. I think this is why the book was so interesting though that you couldn’t tell. I haven’t read much of Stephen King’s work, but this was spooky, not in the bump in the night sort of way, but putting aside that Trisha is nine how would anyone react to being lost for days in the woods. All in all it was an interesting story and a good read, Stephen King is a great writer and he was able to bring to life the deeper recesses of the human mind along with the supernatural.

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Poor Little Bitch Girl by Jackie Collins

Poor Little Bitch Girl
By Jackie Collins

New York’s number one madam, Annabelle Maestro must return to Las Angeles when her movie star mother has been murdered and the prime suspect is her legendary film star father. Denver Jones is a hot shot attorney in L.A. who used to be friends with Annabelle and is pulled onto the case all the while Denver’s best friend Carolyn Henderson assistant to a married senator and finds out she is pregnant with his child. Then we have the heart throb Bobby Santangelo Stanislopolous, friend of Annabelle’s drug addicted boyfriend, when he runs into Denver the sparks fly and that is only the beginning of this story. Murder, Hollywood, Scandal, and Prostitution this novel has a little bit of everything for everyone.

Jackie Collins manages to intertwine four stories into an incredible novel. I have never before read a Jackie Collins novel she is another author I have seen everywhere but when I saw the title of this novel I just couldn’t resist. This novel is not for the faint of heart if you don’t enjoy a good sizzling sex scene then you should certainly look elsewhere for your pleasure but if you do Jackie Collins doesn’t disappoint. Piled full of lust and intrigue this is a remarkable novel. 

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Austenland by Shannon Hale

By Shannon Hale

Jane is unlucky in love to say the least, after one failed relationship aft6er another she soon becomes obsessed with Mr. Darcy. When he great aunt passes away Jane receives an unexpected gift, the vacation of her dreams to Pembrook Park where she will be immersed in regency England. Jane decides to take the gift and purge her system of all of her Mr. Darcy fantasies hoping in doing so she will be able to finally move on and find a lasting love. What she doesn’t realize is the man of her dreams may not be Mr. Darcy but the love they share will be just as strong.

This was such a cute novel Shannon Hale did a wonderful job in recreating an Austen-esque setting with the right blend of modern influences. The ending was my absolute favorite as Jane is turned on her head with an unexpected revelation that is sure to leave you giggling. If you are a fan of Jane Austen and have also found yourself swooning at Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy then you will surely appreciate this book, if not then you may enjoy the witty dialog and the personal growth the character traverses. This is an absolutely wonderful contemporary romance novel.
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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum

The Bourne Identity
By Robert Ludlum

Off a small island in the Mediterranean a man is found floating in the ocean. The man has no memory of who he is and how he came to be floating in the ocean clinging to a plank. He is taken to a doctor who has been tending to him upon his awakening the doctor tries to help him remember the man has had extensive facial reconstruction and something implanted in his hip that has a bank account number on it. The man follows the bank account lead and begins to discover very odd things about himself, that he has an uncanny knowledge of how to kill without being detected, how to blend in to his surroundings and even how to change his appearance so thoroughly no one will recognize him, but how does he know these things?

I have never seen any of the Bourne movies and this is my first spy novel so I had no idea what to expect. I guess I didn’t expect there to be so much discussion on every little thing and I had thought there would be a lot more action. There were times when I desperately wanted to tell the author to get to the point, or at least back to the fun action parts, but when it did come to the action it was so well written and intense I would feel even more irritated when I had to sit through more debate. Not only was this novel a brilliant action packed story but also a love story, Jason Bourne meets takes a woman hostage but then the hostage begins to be his only ally and the bond they form is remarkable. This was a well written and thoroughly addictive story.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


So we are finally back in the USA and it has been amazing to be home. I have wanted to post the past few days unfortunately we are have internet issues. First it was the hotel we were at, oh Lord I tried and well lets just say I had better internet in Germany. Now I am at my mothers house and her internet hates my computer so, this is to let evereone know that it will probably be a few days before I can post for your pleasure! On the Bright side however I managed to find two bookstores while we had our lay over in Houston, much to my husband's dismay. Now back to spending time with my family! I haven't seen them in over a year now so it has been a long time coming! I promise to get back you all as soon as I possibly can!

-Bookworm aka Heather

Friday, August 3, 2012

Rescue Me by Rachel Gibson Review

Rescue Me
Lovett, Texas Series Book Three
By Rachel Gibson

Sadie Hollowell never seemed to fit in, in her hometown of Lovett Texas population ten thousand. As soon as she turned eighteen she escaped the prying eyes of such a small community to live her own life. Now she has come back after not being home for the last five years for her cousins wedding. She’s thirty three unmarried and not looking, making her still an outsider she is determined to get back to her life in Phoenix as soon as the wedding is over but when a family emergency keeps her in Texas longer than she wanted she may as well make the best of it. This is where Vince Haven, former Navy Seal, comes in. What starts out as friends with benefits soon turns into something more at least for Saddie.

Rachel Gibson has managed to write a beautiful romance novel full of drama and a bit of humor. Sadie is not an ordinary girl next door character; she is strong willed and very independent, making this an interesting romance where the woman herself fights her feelings. Though this may seem like an ordinary contemporary romance novel it has an amount of depth that you would not have expected. I truly enjoyed this novel though if you do read it be sure to have tissues by your side.

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fallen By Lauren Kate Review

Fallen Series Book One
By Lauren Kate

Luce Price is sent to a reform school after a fire breaks out though she manages to escape her boyfriend is not so lucky. Even though the police cannot prove she started the fire her tales of the shadows that were the cause have landed her at Sword & Cross. When she first arrives she sees a boy who she feels she has met before and is inexplicably drawn to him, Daniel does everything he can to keep his distance but he too feels the pull. Daniel is not the only one vying for Luce’s attention, Luce is also drawn to Cam a devil may care guy who tries his hardest to court her. This love triangle and the ever present shadows are only the beginning for Luce as she is pulled into a world where her fate has been preordained, or has it?

Luce believes she is crazy because she has been seeing shadows for the past twelve years looming ominously, as the story progresses we are able to see a transformation in Luce as she is empowered by the people around her.  It is a beautiful story of love and friendship in some of the most trying times in a Luce’s life. Lauren Kate did a wonderful job keeping you guessing as to what was going on till the very end, yes you do get a vague idea of what could happen but in the end she manages to surprise you. This is an interesting story and I can’t wait to read what happens next.  

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

1984 by George Orwell Review

Nineteen Eighty-Four
By George Orwell

George Orwell creates a world where the government has complete control and even thinking of something that “Big Brother” does not seem worthy is punishable by torture and or death. Big Brother has complete control of the citizens and alters the information people receive so that they blindly follow whatever is put forth to them. The main character, Winston Smith, dares to defy what he is being told and tries to rebel, unfortunately he lives in a society where you cannot trust anyone and Big Brother is always watching you.

This is definitely a thought provoking novel of blind faith, and the inner workings of the human psyche. What makes children turn on their own parents? What would you do if you were not even allowed to enjoy intercourse? These are just a couple of the questions that George Orwell brings to mind, I am not sure if we could ever truly know the answers to some of the questions that are posed in this novel and I hope we would never have to find out. It was an interesting book and I am glad I read it.  George Orwell was able to capture such a frightening future so realistically some people have begun to believe this story may be prophetic, I myself see it as purely science fiction. This is truly a classic in every sense of the word and I believe it will stand the test of time to scare the daylights out of generations to come.  

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