Monday, August 13, 2012

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
By Stephen King

Nine year old Trisha McFarland is hiking along listening to her mother and older brother bicker incessantly she begs for them to stop so she can use the restroom but they are so engrossed with their conversation they don’t even notice. Trisha decides to stop anyways thinking she will do her business and she will be able to catch up with them in no time and maybe, just maybe, they will notice her missing and it will give them something else to talk about. But Trisha can’t seem to find where they have gone off to; she can’t even find the trail she was on. Now Trisha is lost in the woods with only her Walkman to give her comfort as she tunes into baseball games and fantasizes that Tom Gordon is there with her protecting her. Soon, something begins to follow her, something sinister, will Trisha be able to find her way to safety or will whatever has taken notice of her end her misery once and for all?

With this novel it is hard to decipher what is illusion and what is truth as Trisha’s imagination starts to play tricks on her but so does something else, at times it gets confusing and most of the time I kept thinking “well that must be fake too” when it was actually something that was supposed to be physically happening. I think this is why the book was so interesting though that you couldn’t tell. I haven’t read much of Stephen King’s work, but this was spooky, not in the bump in the night sort of way, but putting aside that Trisha is nine how would anyone react to being lost for days in the woods. All in all it was an interesting story and a good read, Stephen King is a great writer and he was able to bring to life the deeper recesses of the human mind along with the supernatural.

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