Friday, August 3, 2012

Rescue Me by Rachel Gibson Review

Rescue Me
Lovett, Texas Series Book Three
By Rachel Gibson

Sadie Hollowell never seemed to fit in, in her hometown of Lovett Texas population ten thousand. As soon as she turned eighteen she escaped the prying eyes of such a small community to live her own life. Now she has come back after not being home for the last five years for her cousins wedding. She’s thirty three unmarried and not looking, making her still an outsider she is determined to get back to her life in Phoenix as soon as the wedding is over but when a family emergency keeps her in Texas longer than she wanted she may as well make the best of it. This is where Vince Haven, former Navy Seal, comes in. What starts out as friends with benefits soon turns into something more at least for Saddie.

Rachel Gibson has managed to write a beautiful romance novel full of drama and a bit of humor. Sadie is not an ordinary girl next door character; she is strong willed and very independent, making this an interesting romance where the woman herself fights her feelings. Though this may seem like an ordinary contemporary romance novel it has an amount of depth that you would not have expected. I truly enjoyed this novel though if you do read it be sure to have tissues by your side.

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