Sunday, August 26, 2012

That Thing Called Love by Susan Andersen Review

That Thing Called Love
Razor Bay Book One
By Susan Andersen

When Jake Bradshaw was a teenager his girlfriend ended up pregnant, Jake tried to do right by the girl he loved and his unborn child by getting married and taking on a job that would help him support his new family and passing up on his scholarship and a chance to leave the small town he had come to loathe, when his wife dies and his mother and father in law offer to take his son so he can pursue his college education Jake jumps at the chance. Thirteen years later Austin’s grandparents have both passed away leaving him with Jenny Salazar who has been like an older sister to him since his grandparents took her into their home when she was sixteen. Jenny would love nothing more than to keep Austin with her, but Jake decides this is the chance he needs to make up to Austin for not being in his life and wants him to come be with him, but he soon gets more than he bargained for.

I wasn’t sure I would like this novel, I mean a dead beat dad doesn’t scream “read me” what I didn’t count on was that Susan Andersen is such an interesting composer that you will end up falling in love with Jake and his many flaws. Not only does the author make you feel for such an unlikely character she brings to life the full cast of characters in such a way that each one is intriguing from Jenny and the trials she has faced to Max, Jake’s half-brother, and even Harper who doesn’t come into the picture until later in the story, making you thoroughly anticipate the rest of the series. This is definitely an interesting concept and unlike anything I have read previously making it well worth the read.   

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