Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Memoirs of a Geisha By Arthur Golden Review

Memoirs of a GeishaMemoirs of a Geisha
By Arthur Golden

In 1929 Sayuri’s mother has fallen ill and her father is no longer able to care for her and her older sister, she is soon sold to a representative of a geisha house in the Kyoto district.  The she works as a maid and is trained in music and dance with hopes of becoming a geisha one day. But when she is caught trying to run away she is deemed too much of a risk to continue her training, until an accomplished Geisha decides to take her under her wing and teach her everything she knows to introduce her into the society. As she is an apprentice she comes across a man, the only man that had shown her kindness when she was a child, increasing her determination to become a Geisha and gain his approval.

This is not only the story of a Geisha it is the story of Japan during the great depression and during world war two, beautifully written around the struggles of a woman who must work as hard as she can to support herself. The romance is flawless and the drama is poignant and breathtaking this was an amazing read. The movie that followed this book is one of my favorites, though the movie could not come close to the beauty within this novel.

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  1. I've only watched the film and definitely will be adding this to my to read pile, thanks for the great review!

    New follower! Found you via goodreads :)


  2. One of my favorite books ever. So gorgeous! I'm glad you got to read it.

  3. I absolutely love this book <3 Have you read Mineko Iwasaki's "version" of this? It's even better!

    russel of DFW Spine & Joint Center