Friday, September 21, 2012

Paradise Misplaced By Lisa April Smith Review

paradise misplacedParadise Misplaced
By Lisa April Smith

This novel revolves around three stories. First you have Charlie who is a successful model then one day she is brutally attacked leaving her in the hospital. Second you have Naomi, a Jewish survivor of the Holocaust working on a dig in Israel when she comes across a picture of a woman in a magazine who must be one of her long lost daughters. Lastly but not least you have Jack who spends his days romancing and swindling women in Buenos Aires after he faked his own death leaving Charlie to fend for herself. As Charlie recovers she begins to help the investigators find her attacker, being pulled once again into a scheme of art forgery.

This is an interesting novel not only bringing to life several places around the world but also creating an interesting and dysfunctional family dynamic full of drama. There is so much that happens in this novel but it isn’t over-whelming in its execution it only succeeds in keeping you wrapped in the story until the very end. With Charlie being attacked, Jack trying to survive the only way he knows how, and Naomi who struggles against her feelings each moment you will be drawn further into an intertwining story.  Though there is less romance in this novel than in the first it is highly dramatic and involving, as the character focus is less on Charlie and more on her parents. When you add in the suspense with the drama and mystery you have a brilliant book that will take you around the world and back making you anxious for more! 

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