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Courting Trouble by Jenny Schwartz Review

Courting Trouble
Bustlepunk Chronicles Book Two
By Jenny Schwartz

American inventor Jed Reeve, just had to fall head over heels in love with a suffragette, Esme Smith. Lately he has had an overwhelming urge to protect her, which is the last thing she wants. With his warring emotions he is not in the mood to hear the woes of someone else but when a young man and his cousin come in he cannot turn them away and is soon drug into a plot to assonate the Prince of Wales.
Courting Trouble by Jenny Schwartz 
This novel is only about one hundred pages long but in that time Jenny Schwartz packs a ton of action into a cute romance making this quick read truly fun. Though the romance is a bit light since Jed is already in love with Esme, it is still beautiful as he tries his best to woo the headstrong woman. This is definitely one of those books I refer to as a “fluff” novel, it’s fun, it’s short but there isn’t much substance that will leave a lasting impression.

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The Moon Dwellers By David Estes Review

The Moon Dwellers (The Dwellers, #1)The Moon Dwellers
The Dwellers Book One
By David Estes

Humankind was forced into the depths of the earth soon forming a new society called the Tri-realms, with three distinct realms Moon, Star, and Sun. The Moon realm is the furthest into the ground and this is where the “Pen” is. The Pen is a penitentiary and houses anyone who has committed a crime or anyone who may cause crime in Adele’s case since she is sentenced to life imprisonment for something her father did. One day Tristan the son of the President and a sun dweller comes down to the moon realm and as soon as he lays eyes on Adele he feels an over powering connection. But soon a war breaks out amongst the three realms everyone’s life will be irrevocably altered.  

Am I the only person who has caught the similarities between the Mormon’s Three Kingdoms of Heaven and the Tri-realms? I mean the Three Kingdoms of heaven are broken down into the Sun, The Stars, and The Moon Kingdoms. Each one holding a different set of people but since this is the Moon book I will focus there, The Moon realm houses the poorest and the worst people in society; The Kingdom of The Moon is for liars, thieves, and the worst kinds of people. This is not a bad thing the three kingdoms of heaven is a great bases for a story I just can’t believe in all of the reviews I have read No One has pointed it out. The story itself is amazing full of romance and action, David Estes’ is a magnificent writer who is able to bring to life each scene making this a great dystopian novel.  I have to give the author his credit though, not only did he dedicate the book to his wife but he named the main character after her, if that didn’t win him brownie points then I don’t know what would.

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Perfection Unleashed by Jade Kerrion Review

Perfection Unleashed
Double Helix Book One
By Jade Kerrion

Galahad was created to be the perfect human being by Pioneer Labs. However Pioneer Labs is performing torturous experiments on Galahad. When Zara breaks into the Labs to kill Galahad but instead after discovering the horror he is going through releases him. This is only the beginning as the story twists and turns weaving itself around three main characters, Galahad, Danyael, Jason each having their own story to tell.
Perfection Unleashed (Double Helix, #1) 
This was certainly an interesting story; you have Galahad the genetically created perfect human being who has been tortured his entire life. Then you have Danyael who is a strong empath and has worked hard at controlling his abilities. Add in Jason who hates Galahad with a fiery passion, so much so he even created his own hate group. With these three interweaving stories you have a remarkable novel and Jade Kerrion used exceptional writing abilities to truly capture the complexities of each of her characters, and though these three stories should be enough to keep you reading the author makes sure to throw in a few more twists and turns that will ensure you will come back for more.  I cannot wait to see what is to come in the next book with the mix of science fiction and fantasy there is an endless amount of possibilities.

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Moonlight and Mechanicals by Cindy Spencer Pape Review

Moonlight & Mechanicals (Gaslight Chronicles, #4)Moonlight and Mechanicals
Gaslight Chronicles Book Four
By Cindy Spencer Pape

Wink Hadrian does not like being in “high society” she would much rather stay in her garage and tinker with her inventions. She is in love with a werewolf, Liam McCullough and has been for years however after she is proposed to by a dear friend and Liam pronounces that he will never marry she gives up hope and looks toward the other man instead. When Wink goes to visit the woman who took her in when she was a child back in Wapping and finds out that her son has disappeared. She quickly turns to Liam who works with the police. But Liam soon discovers that people are disappearing at an alarming rate all of Wapping. 

There is so much going on in this book, first you have the steam punk aspect which is amazing and reinforced by Wink who inventions are truly fascinating. Then you have Vampires and Werewolves Oh my!, Liam is actually a werewolf and we get to see that side of things with a firsthand perspective when he goes through the change. Now we also have a couple of side story lines such as the world is dying out, wish there was more on that, everywhere that anyone goes they must wear a filter over their nose and mouths because the air is so unstable, really wish there had been more on that. This is an amazing book and Cindy Spencer Pape has done a remarkable job. I have yet to read any of the other books in this series but the author brought to life Wink and all of her siblings so spectacularly that I am dying to find out what will happen next.

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A Royal Marriage By Rachelle McCalla Review

A Royal Marriage by Rachelle McCallaA Royal Marriage
By Rachelle McCalla

On her way to her wedding Princess Gisela’s ship is attacked by pirates and she is gravely injured helping her men defend the ship. Her men rush her to King John of Lydia who is a renowned healer in the hopes that he will be able to save her, but when they finally arrive the princess’s injury has become life threatening. Through determination and prayer King John is able to use the knowledge he has of herbs to save her life, but when Princess Gisela was brought to his castle it may be the catalyst to a war.

I started reading the love inspired novels when I was twelve, as I had become a romance fan and my mother didn’t want me reading something inappropriate. I fell in love with the Christian romance books fifteen years ago yet this is my first time reading one of the Historical versions. Rachelle McCalla has done a wonderful job in bringing to life 800 A.D. with action and romance what could go wrong? At times though Gisela is not what I would expect from a woman in this time period, she is highly knowledgeable in fighting, strategic maneuvers, and building. Though this does make the character truly interesting I am not quite sure it fits the time period, but then again I wasn’t there so how would I know? I did have a lot of fun reading this book, you can’t help but become wrapped up into the story.

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Just a Wish Away by Barbara Freethy Review

Just A Wish Away (Wish, #2)
Just a Wish Away
Wish Series Book Two
By Barbara Freethy

Every summer for twelve years Alexa’s Parents would take her to Safe Harbor, WA. On the last summer she was able to visit her friendship with Braden had started to turn into something else. Now fifteen years later Alexa’s aunt has been attacked in her antiques shop and Alexa returns to Safe Harbor to help her aunt with her store while she recuperates. At the same time recently divorced, and recently discharged from the military, Braden is asked by his longtime friend to investigate the burglary gone wrong.

This was such a great romance novel; Barbara Freethy certainly knows how to bring to life not only an absolutely palpable romance but an intense mystery. I loved the characters Alexa is a strong independent woman and Braden is a damaged warrior and as the two investigate not only the burglary but also a mysterious incident that took place on their last night together fifteen years ago the romance that slowly blooms, or should I say comes back into focus, is absolutely beautiful. However if you are expecting lots of highly intimate situations you will be greatly disappointed, but I think this just adds to the charm of the novel.

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Fledge by J.A. Huss Review

I am Just Junco Dot Com Book Two
By J.A. Huss

Junco Coot has just made her way to Amelia the avian capital city where she must undergo the Fledge ritual. Fledge is where she will fight to the death in order to become a citizen. All the while the love of her life and the one who brought her to Amelia, Tier, is on trial for treason for letting her live, and if found guilty it is an automatic death sentence.
Fledge (I Am Just Junco, #2) 
When I first started reading this book I was completely lost, I haven’t read book one so it took me a while to get into the story as the author picks right up where she left off and doesn’t start “flashbacking” until a little ways into the book. After this first hurdle though I really enjoyed the storyline, it is a truly unique science fiction novel. The characters that J.A. Huss has created are so fascinating not only does the author describe the Avians, but through the Fledge she also encompasses beings from other planets with their own unique abilities. The only problem I have with this book is that it is another case of an author finding one particular word that they enjoy and use it over and over, in this instance it is the F word. The fact that it is a cuss word doesn’t faze me, what bothers me was using the same word at least once three sentences in a row, sometimes more than once, though different variances on the same word, in the same sentence. Other than that it’s a great read action packed and so original that I cannot wait to read more of the series.

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The Panther by Nelson DeMille Review

The Panther by Nelson DeMilleThe Panther
John Corey Book Six
By Nelson DeMille

Agent John Corey and his wife Kate Mayfield have just been posted overseas in Yemen. Their mission is to track down the Panther, a high ranking Al Qaeda operative. But once they arrive in Yemen they realize the reason they were sent to Yemen was not to track down the Panther but something much more sinister.

This book doesn’t actually pick up until the end and when you read a book that is six hundred and twenty-five pages long you expect more than just build up for what takes place in the last one hundred pages. Most of the book is dialect and meeting new characters, with only four or five actual action scenes. John Corey is always making sarcastic comments, whether in his head or to the people around him, this does start out as funny making the novel a little more light-hearted but it soon becomes tedious since he seems to be complaining about every little thing that takes place. However the intrigue is certainly there but it is so drawn out that I couldn’t sit and focus on this book at one time, I kept putting it down and reading a different book. It took me four days to make it through this book, and considering I read a book a day that is saying something. I can’t judge whether this is just one of those books that was a “miss” for the series since this is the first Nelson DeMille book that I have ever read, but the writing and storyline leads me to believe that the others may have been better than this one. I must admit though the ending is superb even if you have to wade through some uninteresting content to get there.  

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Trapped by Kevin Hearne Review

Trapped by Kevin HearneTrapped
Iron Druid Chronicles Book Five
By Kevin Hearne
Narrated by Luke Daniels

After twelve years of training Granuaile is finally ready to become a full-fledged druid. The only problem is Granuaile and Atticus must travel to the base of Mount Olympus so that he can bind her to the earth and finish the ritual. The problem being the Roman God Bacchus has sworn to take his revenge on Atticus. Bacchus is not the only one who is out for Atticus’ blood though, Loki the God of Mischief, An Ancient Vampire, and a group of Dark Elves are all on the hunt to kill the druid before he can complete the task.

I was actually sent an advanced copy of this book for review, but about ten percent through I knew I had to use one of my precious audible credits and get the audio book. Luke Daniels has done an amazing job with this audio series and it has by far become my favorite to listen to. The story itself is so much fun, from the beginning Atticus is thrown into another instance where his mouth has brought doom upon his head. With excellent comedic timing both by Kevin Hearne and through the narration of Luke Daniels along with the fast paced action this is a great read. If you are a fan of any mythology Kevin Hearne has you covered this entire series covers ancient Gods from Norse to Christian each with their own unique personality that the author has brought to life in a remarkable way and Luke Daniels furthers this with his dramatization. The only thing I didn’t like was that Luke Daniels changed the voice of Atticus’ mentor whom he frequently has arguments with inside his mind, this book he wasn’t as high pitched and sounded much more serious than he has in the previous books, not bad just not as funny. This is by far one of the best audio book series and one of the best story lines I have come across I cannot wait to see where Kevin Hearne will take us next.

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The Forbidden Trilogy By Kimberly Kinrade Review

The Forbidden Trilogy
By Kimberly Kinrade

 The Forbidden Trilogy
Forbidden Mind Book One

Sam is getting ready for her eighteenth birthday, when she can finally leave “rent-a-kid” where she and other kids with paranormal powers are used as spies to the highest bidder. After one of her missions she is taken back to the institute where she sees a guy who links to her mentally asking for help before he passes out. From that moment the two shares a connection that cannot be broken, but Drake has shown Sam a side of the institute she never wanted to believe and they must both fight for their lives to escape.

Forbidden Mind (Forbidden Trilogy, #1)
Kimberly Kinrade has a great story going with Drake and Sam even the other students with paranormal powers, but to make it even better about halfway through she throws in a juicy twist making this an amazing read. I didn’t really feel the connection right away between Drake and Sam as the author had intended, I mean for me how can you fall in love with someone with only having seen them once at a glance? But as the story progresses you manage to fall in love right along with them. Putting the twist into this book was a stroke of genius adding a whole new level of depravity to an already atrocious situation. I cannot wait to keep reading, I just hope the author will not lose momentum and will continue to surprise us.

Forbidden Fire Book Two

Warning: I will do my best to not spoil the first book, but it may contain spoilers despite my efforts.

Sam and Drake are on the run this time with one thing on their mind protecting what is most important to them. We also see Lucy and Luke as they are left behind at the “Rent-a-Kid” center determined to get to the truth of the center and hopefully find a way as well.
Forbidden Fire (Forbidden Trilogy, #2)
Not as great as the first book but it still has its own twists and turns along the way that makes it a fun read. This time along with Drake and Sam we are able to really get to know Luke and Lucy, Sam’s best friends, and this allows us to continually know what is taking place with all the other kids who are being held at the rent-a-kid center. In doing this the author brings to life many other characters who take part in several of the action scenes along the way. This is definitely and interesting series, the para-powers continue to fascinate me from Luke who can walk through walls to Mary the seductress each one has an attention-grabbing story to tell. I cannot wait to continue on and see where Kimberly Kinrade takes us next.

Forbidden Life Book Three

Warning will most definitely contain spoilers of the first two books if you haven’t read them. I will do my best to keep it vague.

Sam will do anything to protect Ana now that she has finally arrived, but the powers that be know Ana is going to be the most powerful paranormal child ever to exist and will do anything to get their hands on her. All the while Drake is missing recuperating after what had happened to him in the previous book, and Luke and Lucy are on a mission to put an end to Rent-a-Kid once and for all before they too lose Ana.
Forbidden Life (Forbidden Trilogy, #3)

I still want to kick Drake where it will hurt the most what he did to Sam is despicable. Other than that it was a fun book and obviously the author did a phenomenal job in her descriptive capabilities to evoke such a strong emotion from a reader. I loved the different trials that each of the characters must go through as they face decisions that may change their entire lives. In the end, this was a great conclusion to the trilogy I just wish she had finished off with Luke and Lucy a bit more, but that aside she ties everything up with a nice bow for her readers.

Special Features:
Discussion Guide-
I don’t see the point in discussion guides, but then I don’t discuss books with people in such a manner. Unfortunately I found this tedious and some of the questions are meant to make you “think” about the books when I see the trilogy as entertaining, not thought provoking. Though, I must admit that some of the discussion questions have certainly brought the entire trilogy into a new light. This is a great feature for a book club use, for personal use it is interesting and adds focus on where the author was coming from when she wrote these book.

Top Secret: IPI Paranormal Profiles-

So this bit of extra information is really cute, most of it you will know from the books themselves but the descriptions of the characters as well as some of the commentary make this worth the quick read.

Tell Me No Secrets by Sam Smith and Drake Davis-

Hmmm, I am not sure what the point of this is. It seems like a marketing ploy that was used and preserved in the book. Basically it is Sam repeating things from book one and then Drake saying how much he loves Sam.

Questions and Answers with Author Kimberly Kinrade-

This was a fantastic interview with the author I only wish that the interviewer had been identified.

The Forbidden Trilogy Playlist-

Great songs!

Now with each review and all of the special features, I would definitely recommend this omnibus it’s a great read and the extras are fun and even enlightening.

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Kept by Shawntelle Madison Review

Coveted Book Two
By Shawntelle Madison

Natalya Stravincky is working to rebuild her relationship with her family and rejoin the ranks of her New Jersey pack. Suddenly her father goes missing she soon finds out that he owes a debt to the Russian werewolf mafia and she must work to repay his debt so they will free him. Along the way she gets assistance from various sources including her ex-boyfriend who is now engaged to someone else and she still loves, and a wizard who is patiently waiting for her to come around and see that he is the right man for her.
Kept by Shawntelle Madison 
Ok so even though this is a paranormal romance there is so much more to it than just that, first off we have Nat who has OCD. I mean come on a werewolf with OCD I love it! Then the author encompasses several side stories that are absolutely fascinating in their own right, making this one book that is hard to put down. In a lot of books where two men are vying for the attentions of one woman you always get the sense of who the author is leaning towards, this is not the case in this book which is a pleasant surprise that leads me to wonder if the author knew or just decided at the end who Nat would end up with. I haven’t read the first book in this series yet but the author does a wonderful job encompassing enough of what happened previously to catch you up but still make you want to read it if you have not.  I personally hope I will get the chance to read the beginning and the rest; I am dying to know what happens next. 

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A Bridge to Treachery: From Extortion to Terror By Larry Crane Review

A Bridge to Treachery:
From Extortion to Terror
By Larry Crane

Ex-Army Ranger Colonel Lou Christopher is getting used to life in the civilian world and is working for a New York investment broker when he is assigned more lucrative accounts he begins living the lap of luxury. When he is approached to use his former military training and is coerced into leading a team on a domestic terrorist mission, he goes through with the mission only to find out that all along his team was never supposed to survive. Now he vows to bring all the ones responsible to justice one way or another.
A Bridge to Treachery by Larry Crane 
I wasn’t impressed by the main character in the beginning, he seemed pompous and annoying, but when it came down to it and he was knocked off his high horse he turned into a highly exciting character. Then you have the relationship between Lou and his wife though it seems tenuous at first as he is indeed keeping secrets from her and she believes that he is cheating on her as he has done it in the past, but as the novel goes on the relationship takes a turn and I found myself really enjoying it. Lou and Mag end up having a much stronger connection than you would think and though Lou is the main character it reminds me of the saying, “Behind every great man is an even greater woman.” Though it starts off slow and doesn’t actually pick up for until after a hundred pages or so the novel does turn around in the end making it an interesting read.

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Robert Ludlum’s The Janus Reprisal By Jamie Freveletti Review

Robert Ludlum's (TM) The Janus Reprisal by Jamie FrevelettiRobert Ludlum’s The Janus Reprisal
Covert-One Book Nine
By Jamie Freveletti

Jon Smith is attending a conference in The Hague when he is caught in the middle of a terrorist attack. The Hague is not the only place under attack bombs are going off at a train station, the airport and the International Criminal Court, where Pakistani warlord Oman Datter is being held. Amidst the chaos Datter escapes to exact his revenge on the United States. Colonel Smith however is determined to stop Datter before it is too late.

This book jumps right into the action from page one and continues until the very end keeping you gripping the edge of your chair in anticipation for what will happen next. I have only read The Bourne Identity previously so I can’t actually compare what Jamie Freveletti has written to the original series. However I think Jamie Freveletti did a wonderful job, each of the characters is interesting and so vivid in the narration of this story that even if they are not the main character they are still captivating within the storyline. Then when you add in the mystery, suspense, and action you have a story that will certainly keep you entertained. With all this the author still manages to find time for a beautiful romantic sideline making this story more intense in the delivery. This book is worth the read and I may even go back and find more of the Code-One Series.

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Siri for Dummies By Marc Saltzman Review

Siri for Dummies by Marc SaltzmanSiri for Dummies
By Marc Saltzman

The name is pretty self-explanatory but if you don’t know who or what Siri is then here is a breakdown:
Siri is a built in assistant for iPhone 4s with voice recognition capabilities that can do anything and everything you could want from a phone.

Siri and I have a love/hate relationship; I often refer to her in terms not appropriate for my blog. I am not the most tech savvy person in town so Siri would often pop up without my knowing how in the world I did it. So when this book came up for review I jumped at the chance, I am definitely one of those people who need it. I whipped out my handy dandy iphone gave it the evil eye for good measure and got to work.  This is the first time I have read a “for Dummies” book even though there are, according to wikipedia, over 2,300 titles. I absolutely loved the way Marc Saltzman broke everything down step by step, from calling someone to emailing more than one contact at a time, he covers everything you could possibly want to know. At first I stumbled a few times and it took me a few tries to get the commands down, to no fault of Marc’s I have a southern accent and Siri apparently hates the way I speak, in the end I made it through and loved what I am now able to accomplish is such a short time with the help of this guide. Definitely worth the read if you are like me and Siri brings out the “squinty eyes of death.”

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Tricked by Kevin Hearne, Narrated by Luke Daniels Review

Iron Druid Chronicles Book Four
By Kevin Hearne
Narrated by Luke Daniels

Atticus O’Sullivan is back, this time he is paying a debt to the Navajo trickster god Coyote after Coyote takes on Atticus’ form to help him fake his death. Atticus must move some earth, in this case gold. But as is the norm for a trickster god the simple task of moving some earth comes with a twist.
Tricked (The Iron Druid Chronicles, Book #4) 
 This is not one of those books that will forever change your life after you read it but it will however entertain you immensely for eleven hours as you listen to the quirky commentary, fast paced action, and absurd scenarios all brought to life by Luke Daniels amazing narration. Kevin Hearne has created a series that is absolutely hilarious yet has intense action scenes as the Druid seems to always find himself in trouble. This novel has a certain twist, which I must keep to myself as it will most definitely spoil a part of the book, that is so unexpected yet you wonder why you didn’t think of it in the first place. I love this series, but the best experience I have had is in listening to the narration. Luke Daniels is phenomenal in bringing to life each of the characters with his ability to seamlessly switch from one voice to the next, from the western accent to Oberon’s voice this is a must listen.

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If I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones

If I Were You
Inside Out Trilogy Book One
By Lisa Renee Jones

Sara McMillan’s roommate has recently bought a storage unit full of a woman’s journals. Sara begins reading and is soon shocked and enthralled by what is held within the pages, the writer of the journals led an exciting and highly erotic life. When Sara comes to the sinister and terrifying final entry, she is determined to seek out Rebecca to at least make sure she is safe. Sara finds herself immersing herself into Rebacca’s life, working at her former job and socializing with the same people, even two sexy men who both want Sara in every way possible.
If I Were You (Inside Out Trilogy, #1)
Man this novel jumps right into it, with the opening pages we are drawn into the journal ourselves with each steamy and intense action that is played through the words the author of the journal had written. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book but I am glad I was sent a copy for review this is a fantastic book, with highly erotic scenes interspersed with a highly suspenseful plotline this is by far one of the best romance novels I have read. I cannot wait to find out what happens next since Lisa Renee Jones left off this book with one of the most heart pounding cliff hangers, making me love and hate her all at the same time.

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Jack the Homework Eater By Mitt Ray Review

Jack the Homework Eater
By Mitt Ray

Alex is scared of dogs, until his parents bring home a British Bulldog who loves to eat paper, especially his homework.
Jack the homework eater by Mitt Ray 
This is such a cute book, with funny scenarios and a fair bit of adventure it is a great children’s book. Jack, the British Bulldog/Homework Eater, comes into a young boy helping him to make friends and comes with the lesson in itself that adopting a dog can be a wonderful thing. Mitt Ray has done a fantastic job with this book I did find one typo and I only point it out because it’s a children’s book, other than that the writing is phenomenal and full of moral lessons like any great children’s book should be.

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Undeadly by Michele Vail Review

Undeadly by Michele VailUndeadly
The Reaper Diaries Book One
By Michele Vail

Rick has been waiting a long time to date Molly Bartolucci and on her sixteenth birthday he has big plans to make his move. But when Molly’s birthday comes along her entire world is turned upside down, first the mean girls crash her party then her would be boyfriend hit his head and dies. Molly is able to grab some of his soul and put it back into his body. Relieved that, that crisis is averted she soon finds that life has more in store for her, she finds out her dad isn’t her biological dad and now she is being shipped off to a boarding school for necromancers. All this is just the beginning of the story as Molly’s whole world begins to tumble down.

Ok so as I was reading this novel I kept thinking “This is so obvious how can Molly be so stupid?” Boy was I wrong what I thought was so obvious was completely off the mark, yes I admit those thoughts bit me in the butt. I loved this book it was full of action, romance, and zombies what more could a girl want? The fact that zombies and necromancers are an everyday thing in this book was worth the read in itself, when you add in the Ancient Egyptian lore it makes it even better, then Michele Vail decides to combine all of this with a strong female lead this becomes an amazing novel. If this isn’t enough to keep you reading the series Michele Vail throws in an ending that is full of surprises ensuring your continued interest. I definitely recommend this book, whether you like zombies or young adult this is sure to be a fun read.

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Fairy Tales From the Brothers Grimm: A New English Version By Philip Pullman Review

Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm by Philip PullmanFairy Tales From the Brothers Grimm:
A New English Version
By Philip Pullman

Philip Pullman retells fifty of the beloved Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm.

There is no way I am going to write a review on each of the fifty stories, as a whole the retellings are amazing. There are many stories people will recognize from Rapunzel to Rumpelstiltskin, and even my favorite The Twelve Dancing Princess, there are even some that may be new for people such as One Eye Two Eyes Three Eyes. What I loved about how the author pulled these all together was he references each story with notes of the differences between some of the retellings as well as notes on his own. This is definitely a timeless classic, some with sinister endings and some with the happily ever afters that we have all come to expect from fairy tales. The compilation is well researched and so well written that you cannot help but fall in love with these stories all over again.

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Codename Fairy Godmother: Reassigned By Tanjlisa Marie Review

Codename Fairy Godmother: Reassigned
Codename Fairy Godmother Book One
By Tanjlisa Marie

When you make a deal with a Fairy Godmother you have until your thirty second birthday to “pay it forward” if not then that is where Agent Thunder comes in to send the unfortunate person to a fate worse than Hell. But when Agent Thunder runs into a Leprechaun she is reassigned by the Queen Mother for her own protection, until Ciaran, the Leprechaun tracks her down.
Codename Fairy Godmother by Tanjlisa Marie 

So you may think this is your average fantasy novel, but you would be extremely mistaken. Thunder is a fighter first and foremost with a no nonsense approach to the human race. I loved when she began working with the children granting their wishes at first she is flummoxed and then she bullies the children into taking five minutes tops, when you add this hilarious aspect to the high powered action then combine the science fiction aspect to the story you have a truly exceptional novel with a little bit of everything for everyone. The only problem I had was that the romance seemed to be a bit lackluster, the author focuses more on her relationship with a particular child and less on her budding romance with Ciaran, which is fine by me it just doesn’t make the final storyline as powerful as it could be. That being said the rest is golden and worth the read.

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Well Today is the day that I spend in the kitchen trying not to burn the house down as I feed the bottomless pit known as John. (aka my Husband) I hope everything goes well! And to all of you out there may your kitchens remain intact as well and your family remains out of your way! :D 

Florence by Ciye Cho Review

Florence Waverly Book One
By Ciye Cho

When Florence Waverly takes a trip with her class to the beach she thought it would be just another day, but when she is kidnapped and taken to Nielmela by a merman nothing will ever be the same for her. The merman was supposed to bring a creature back as a gift for Prince Kiren not a human, so when she arrives all of Niemela is in an uproar, and as what to do with her that is still up for discussion. 

Florence (Florence Waverley, #1)Ciye Cho’s take on mermaids is absolutely spectacular, they are not described as most people do though they have the same features as humans they are colorful with orange skin or purple hair, each one is unique and vibrant. Not only does the author have a distinct view on mermaids but the powers they possess as well as the land that they live in are both fascinating coming to life through the pages as Ciye Cho utilizes a remarkable ability to describe precisely what she intends the reader to feel and see. This is definitely a unique and fun novel with an interesting story beautiful narration and a strong romance I definitely recommend this.

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Running Wild by Linda Howard and Linda Winstead Jones Review

Running Wild
The Men from Battle Ridge Book One
By Linda Howard and Linda Winstead Jones

Carlin Reed is on the run, after two dates with a seemingly harmless man he soon becomes obsessed and begins stalking her. One day Carlin is in hiding when her stalker catches up with her and kills a woman who had borrowed her red rain coat sending Carlin on the run once again. This time she lands in Wyoming and what she finds there is more than just a place to lay low but a family amongst the ranch hands and maybe even a special place in her heart for Zeke, the owner of the ranch where she finds herself wanting to stay.
Running Wild (The Men from Battle Ridge, #1) 
A Maniacal killer chasing after a woman who finds herself in the arms of a sexy cowboy, what could go wrong? In this case absolutely nothing Linda Howard and Linda Jones have created an amazing romance novel full of suspense. That is only the beginning of the story though in this book Carlin grows from a cowering victim to a strong independent woman all with the help of Zeke and his hands, which reminded me of the seven dwarves each one adoring Carlin and wanting anything to make her happy. I loved the mishaps that Carlin has in the kitchen when she first arrives at the ranch to begin working as the cook she doesn’t quite know what she is doing and it adds to the story a sense of comradeship that will definitely carry over to the next novels, which I am anxiously awaiting. 

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Reason William Sirls Review

The Reason by William SirlsThe Reason
William Sirls

In a small town in Michigan a storm is brewing. As the storm builds the lights inside St. Thomas church go out, then the night sky is brightened by a lone lightning strike that splits the wooden cross outside of the church. Since it is a small congregation the blind minister wonders how they will repair the damage that was wrought. When Macey Lewis, an oncologist at the local hospital, finds out about the dilemma she gathers a group of strangers together to repair what was done. Soon their lives are intertwining as they each find peace with themselves and with God.

The Reason is a beautiful novel full of love and God’s grace.  In this book you learn that anything can be possible as long as you believe, to quit living in the past and live in the present, and appreciate what is around you that you have been blessed with. With such a strong positive message and beautiful scenes this is one of those novels you just don’t want to put down. William Sirls has created not only a book worth reading but something that will impact and change the way you view the things in your life. I do think novels like this need to come with tissues that would be enough warning that there is a strong chance you will end up blubbering like a baby.

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Crazy Love By Amir Abrams Review

 Crazy LoveCrazy Love
By Amir Abrams

Kamiyah Nicols is a shining student at a prestigious art school with her sights set on Julliard. Then one day she meets Sincere Lewis and fall madly in love, giving a whole new meaning to madly. Soon she is skipping school and her entire life begins to revolve around Sincere and what began as infatuation soon turns into obsession.

From the synopsis I had read of this book I thought it would take a more sinister turn, true things do go over the top but not as far as I thought it would. What this book turned out to be was a young spoiled girl learning to love. What is right and wrong in a relationship, and how you must be secure with yourself in order to truly appreciate the person you love. I have to say Kamiyah drove me nuts she was a spoiled brat who manipulated everyone around her, but if she had not been this novel would not have been as moving and poignant as it turned out to be. It is well worth the read, I am not sure I would classify this as a coming of age story but it seems to come with a wonderful lesson.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sole Possession By Bryn Donovan Review

Sole Possession
By Bryn Donovan

David Girard has just inherited his old family home, though it is filled with nothing but awful memories he intends to “flip” it by making renovations and selling it for a profit. This is where Andi walks in, she is there to help fix it but as soon as she walks into the house she is assailed with haunting visions. Between the ghosts and the renovations Andi and David soon find themselves falling in love triggering a deadly curse.

Sole PossessionSo I know this is supposed to be a romance novel with all the steamy scenes included but for me the romance felt lacking, however the horror side of the book was absolutely amazing. At first the author seems to tease the readers with bits of the ghosts that reside in the mansion but then as the novel picks up speed it soon turns into and intense read. I am a sucker for ghosts, but the fact that Bryn Donovan combined romance and horror is so distinctive that the novel is worth reading just for this aspect. I have Bryn Donovan to thank for a sleepless night for one I couldn’t put the book down and two I was reading it late at night, by myself, in a house I have just recently moved into yeah I kept hearing noises and looking over my shoulder, so thanks for that. I did love this book even if the romance was a bit forced Bryn Donovan has a way with words brining to life some of the best scenes to make your heart rate speed up.

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The Demon Lover by Carol Goodman Review

The Demon Lover by Juliet DarkThe Demon Lover
Fairwick Chronicles Book One
By Carol Goodman writing as Juliet Dark

Callie McFay’s dreams are haunted, every night she has the same erotic encounter with a handsome stranger. What she assumes are just vivid dreams turn out to be an encounter with an incubus wanting nothing more than for her to love him. This is only the tip of the story as Callie has started teaching at Fairwick College and after her encounters with the incubus her colleagues assemble to aid her and she learns that most everyone at the college is not who they seem to be.

There is no way I could do this novel justice, for one there are three main story lines to this book instead of the usual one and to tell you each of them is most likely going to spoil on or another of the twists that happen so regularly. Though the novel is a bit busy it makes it interesting as you have no idea what scene will lead to which conclusion. I had a ton of fun reading this one, not only is Callie a highly likable character but the surrounding cast each has their own interesting story. The romance is superb and the bonds that Callie creates make this more than just your average romance novel. I cannot wait to find out more about the college and what will happen next, it is a highly unique well written and beautiful novel.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

A Small Town Near Auschwitz By Mary Fulbrook Review

A Small Town Near Auschwitz
By Mary Fulbrook

Historian Mary Fulbrook tells the story of Udo Klausa, a civilian administrator in the small town of Bedzin.

A Small Town Near Auschwitz by Mary FulbrookThis is a non-fiction account of events that took place during World War Two taken from memoirs, interviews, testimonies, personal letters, and other sources. For the most part this is a vivid and startling look into the actions of the Nazi group. The biggest problem I have with this novel is that the man Mary Fulbrook is writing about is the husband of her God Mother, so though she tries not to the novel itself has a tone of “It wasn’t him it was the times.”  In one instance she is recounting one of her God Mother’s letters where the woman is talk about the filthy Jews and the author states that this is a normal reaction of Germans in the time. This I can understand no matter how hard you try to be objective when there is a personal connection to something you are biased by default. What drove me crazy however is that she stated that people were all too willing to discuss what had happened.... I just got back from living in Germany and I can say for an absolute fact this is not true, which leads me to wonder how exactly she got these people to talk to her and how many euros she was flashing around. Other than this it is an interesting read though there are times when it seems like the author is making excuses for a man who had a role in the atrocity that occurred. It seems like this will be one of those that you will either love or hate with no middle ground, I can see how some people will enjoy this since the author does a remarkable job in recounting historical events but I can also see how some will hate it.

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