Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Reason William Sirls Review

The Reason by William SirlsThe Reason
William Sirls

In a small town in Michigan a storm is brewing. As the storm builds the lights inside St. Thomas church go out, then the night sky is brightened by a lone lightning strike that splits the wooden cross outside of the church. Since it is a small congregation the blind minister wonders how they will repair the damage that was wrought. When Macey Lewis, an oncologist at the local hospital, finds out about the dilemma she gathers a group of strangers together to repair what was done. Soon their lives are intertwining as they each find peace with themselves and with God.

The Reason is a beautiful novel full of love and God’s grace.  In this book you learn that anything can be possible as long as you believe, to quit living in the past and live in the present, and appreciate what is around you that you have been blessed with. With such a strong positive message and beautiful scenes this is one of those novels you just don’t want to put down. William Sirls has created not only a book worth reading but something that will impact and change the way you view the things in your life. I do think novels like this need to come with tissues that would be enough warning that there is a strong chance you will end up blubbering like a baby.

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