Monday, November 19, 2012

Dominion by Scott M. Baker Review

The Vampire Hunters Book Three
By Scott M. Baker

The Vampyrnomicon has finally been found and with it the origins of the vampires and with this Drake Matthews will be able to put an end to the vampire threat and once and for all rid the world of these monsters. Chiang Shih, the master of the vampires, is raising an army with her sights set on a vampire nation in Washington D.C. as the fight comes to a head, who will be the victor, the hunters or the hunted?
Dominion (Book Three of the Vampire Hunters Trilogy) 
I thought that book two was really good this book puts it to shame; this is an amazing ending to a trilogy. From the beginning you are caught up into the story as once again the evil vampires are trying to take over the world and the Hunter are more determined than ever to put a stop to them. I absolutely loved how the relationships have evolved and with it will come the heartache of loss, as every war has its casualties. As we had in the second book which I really enjoyed is how the author also narrates the vampires’ side of the story. Though this book has many excellent qualities that are worth the read it also has a startling twist making this one of the best vampire books I have ever come across.

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