Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Just a Wish Away by Barbara Freethy Review

Just A Wish Away (Wish, #2)
Just a Wish Away
Wish Series Book Two
By Barbara Freethy

Every summer for twelve years Alexa’s Parents would take her to Safe Harbor, WA. On the last summer she was able to visit her friendship with Braden had started to turn into something else. Now fifteen years later Alexa’s aunt has been attacked in her antiques shop and Alexa returns to Safe Harbor to help her aunt with her store while she recuperates. At the same time recently divorced, and recently discharged from the military, Braden is asked by his longtime friend to investigate the burglary gone wrong.

This was such a great romance novel; Barbara Freethy certainly knows how to bring to life not only an absolutely palpable romance but an intense mystery. I loved the characters Alexa is a strong independent woman and Braden is a damaged warrior and as the two investigate not only the burglary but also a mysterious incident that took place on their last night together fifteen years ago the romance that slowly blooms, or should I say comes back into focus, is absolutely beautiful. However if you are expecting lots of highly intimate situations you will be greatly disappointed, but I think this just adds to the charm of the novel.

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