Sunday, November 18, 2012

Low Pressure By Sandra Brown Review

Low PressureLow Pressure
By Sandra Brown

Bellamy Lyston Price never wanted to be associated with the bestseller that she wrote. She had written it for purely therapeutically reasons, but when it is found out that she is the author and the book is based on the murder of her sister when she was twelve years old she is thrown into the limelight. Now as she is going home a sleazy reporter implies that maybe the police convicted the wrong man and she along with her sister’s boyfriend of the time she was murdered collaborates to find out whether the cops had it right or worse, wrong.

Sandra Brown has created an interesting suspense novel full of twists and turns that will lead you deeper down the rabbit hole as it turns out that Bellamy’s sister, Susan, was not quite what Bellamy has remembered and is a much darker character than anyone would first imagine. Full of romance and murder I loved this book, though it is a romance it wasn’t “heavy” on the romance but leaned more towards the mystery side of the story which is a refreshing change. One of the things I found unique is that from the beginning you know who is after Bellamy and why, the fun part is there is more to the villain than first meets the eye as well as being remarkably crazy, but in the end Sandra Brown still has a few tricks up her sleeve to surprise you. All in all this is one heck of a thrill ride and certainly worth the read.

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