Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sole Possession By Bryn Donovan Review

Sole Possession
By Bryn Donovan

David Girard has just inherited his old family home, though it is filled with nothing but awful memories he intends to “flip” it by making renovations and selling it for a profit. This is where Andi walks in, she is there to help fix it but as soon as she walks into the house she is assailed with haunting visions. Between the ghosts and the renovations Andi and David soon find themselves falling in love triggering a deadly curse.

Sole PossessionSo I know this is supposed to be a romance novel with all the steamy scenes included but for me the romance felt lacking, however the horror side of the book was absolutely amazing. At first the author seems to tease the readers with bits of the ghosts that reside in the mansion but then as the novel picks up speed it soon turns into and intense read. I am a sucker for ghosts, but the fact that Bryn Donovan combined romance and horror is so distinctive that the novel is worth reading just for this aspect. I have Bryn Donovan to thank for a sleepless night for one I couldn’t put the book down and two I was reading it late at night, by myself, in a house I have just recently moved into yeah I kept hearing noises and looking over my shoulder, so thanks for that. I did love this book even if the romance was a bit forced Bryn Donovan has a way with words brining to life some of the best scenes to make your heart rate speed up.

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