Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ain’t No Bum By Dennis McCrieght Review

Ain't No BumAin’t No Bum
By Dennis McCrieght

Milt has lived his entire life with the stigma his father has placed on him, that he is a no good bum just because he would not cow to his father’s ways and fervently stuck to his morals not wanting to be a mean drunk like his old man. One day as he is working with the CCC he walks into walgreens and asks the cute shop girl if they have Prince Albert in a can, from that day on Milt and Vi would be inseparable through thick and thin as Milt continues to live with the utmost integrity.

This was such a beautiful story, not only does the author bring to life truly wonderful characters but he also brings to life the country in which they live from the depression to the polio outbreak he spans decades as the couple begin a family and travel through some of the worst times in history. You will feel a connection with Milt even if you have never been in an abusive family situation the author will pull every heart string until you feel as if you have. From the beginning this novel enraptured me and the author did a wonderful job in rapping up the ending so that you feel complete closure, leaving you with the warm and fuzzies.

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