Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ice Cold by Cherry Adair Review

Ice Cold
T-FLAC Series Book Seventeen
By Cherry Adair

Rafael Navarro refuses to settle down and allow another woman to become victim to his dangerous lifestyle. Fellow T-FLAC operative Honey Winston has no social skills whatsoever and prefers computers to people. When the two team up to stop a serial bomber that threatens the world’s financial infrastructure they begin with butting heads but soon something more begins to grow between them.
 Ice Cold (T-FLAC #17)
What I love about romance novels is that no matter what is going on around the main characters they can always make time for a kiss. I haven’t read any of the T-Flac series before this, which is a shame as the book jumps right into it so I may have missed something along the way with this one. I did enjoy it though, this is definitely a fun romantic suspense with tons of action interspersed with soft and tender love what more can you ask for? Cherry Adair brought to life a fantastic organization and characters that make this novel amazing. I loved Honey Winston, I mean who can’t relate to liking computers more than people sometimes? The only problem I had with the book is the beginning scene in Germany. I just came back from living the past three years over there and unfortunately a lot of the scene that Cherry Adair created was wrong. I don’t want to go into too many details because if you haven’t been there or haven’t been there recently then you will not even notice it. But if Cherry Adair hadn’t created such a vivid scene I wouldn’t be able to say with certainty that it is wrong. All in all it’s a great romantic suspense and I just might go back and read some more of the series.

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