Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Bridge to Treachery: From Extortion to Terror By Larry Crane Review

A Bridge to Treachery:
From Extortion to Terror
By Larry Crane

Ex-Army Ranger Colonel Lou Christopher is getting used to life in the civilian world and is working for a New York investment broker when he is assigned more lucrative accounts he begins living the lap of luxury. When he is approached to use his former military training and is coerced into leading a team on a domestic terrorist mission, he goes through with the mission only to find out that all along his team was never supposed to survive. Now he vows to bring all the ones responsible to justice one way or another.
A Bridge to Treachery by Larry Crane 
I wasn’t impressed by the main character in the beginning, he seemed pompous and annoying, but when it came down to it and he was knocked off his high horse he turned into a highly exciting character. Then you have the relationship between Lou and his wife though it seems tenuous at first as he is indeed keeping secrets from her and she believes that he is cheating on her as he has done it in the past, but as the novel goes on the relationship takes a turn and I found myself really enjoying it. Lou and Mag end up having a much stronger connection than you would think and though Lou is the main character it reminds me of the saying, “Behind every great man is an even greater woman.” Though it starts off slow and doesn’t actually pick up for until after a hundred pages or so the novel does turn around in the end making it an interesting read.

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