Monday, November 12, 2012

Forward Passes by Jami Davenport Review

Forward Passes (Seattle Lumberjacks, #2)Forward Passes
Seattle Lumberjacks Book Two
By Jami Davenport

Quarterback for the Lumberjacks, Tyler Harris, has just inherited a rundown mansion from his great uncle with the stipulation that he must live there for nine months before he can sell it. But this is followed on the heels of an unfortunate accident involving a police officer and his big mouth creating media frenzy and his leaving in the midst of the uproar will only cause more speculation. But after Tyler meets his sassy redheaded neighbor he thinks the stay may not be so bad. Lavender Mead hates jocks with good reasons and when Tyler moves in next door she wants nothing to do with him even if he is drop dead gorgeous.

Sexy jock and the feisty girl next door could you get an even better scenario for a steamy romance novel? I loved the quips between the two as they both go through their own tumultuous side stories as they grow together and find a way to become a better person each in their own aspects. The only problem I had was that the author seems to use the word “rooster” (edited to keep this review rated g) so much that I began to wonder if she did indeed know a another word for it. Though this does happen sometimes in romance novels that an author will find one word they like and stick to it. Other than that Jami Davenport has created a wonderful story that is witty and beautiful, I had no idea that this book was a part of a series so now I am off to try to find the first one!  

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