Thursday, May 30, 2013

Holy Suspicion By Melissa Love

Holy Suspicion
By Melissa Love

Victoria Winter was once First Lady of a mega church in Indiana, then while they were broadcasting live her two oldest daughters exposed their Christian husband’s sinful acts bringing the Winter family down to its knees, but not to pray. Nine years later they are still working to overcome what has happened to them, Victoria is trying to get her youngest daughter, God Fearing Naomi, to marry the pastor of the third largest mega church. Will Victoria’s persistence tear this family apart or can Naomi live happily ever after?

You would think that being obsessed with church is not a bad thing, Melissa Love proves how wrong that assumption can be. At first you keep wondering what is wrong with Victoria, but as the story goes along you realize she is just straight up crazy. I absolutely loved it; the story is captivating the ending is absolutely astonishing. I am not sure if this is meant to be funny but it is one of the best dark comedies I have come across. With a sardonic look into modern day Christianity and a mother’s obsession the book keeps you entertained from page one.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Warwicks of Slumber Mountain By Cheryl B. Dale

The Warwicks of Slumber Mountain

By Cheryl B. Dale

This is the story of Belinda Rand, Lindy as known by close friends and family, and the struggle that she goes through to find herself and her destiny.   Lassitan is a quiet town in northern Georgia that like most small towns have their own folklore and rumors about other people in town, in this story that is the Warwick family. The Warwicks are said to be witches, or some other type of supernatural beings that if you crossed or mingled with them you would live to regret it. Lindy thought she knew all too well about the power the Warwicks had when she befriended a Warick named Gareth and soon after that experienced a loss in her family.  Gareth and Lindy had no further interaction until one night she was coming home from work, and saved his life and this is the turning point in the story when Lindy begins to realize she could be destined and capable of more than she had ever expected.

The story begins with introducing Lindy, her abusive and tragic past, the stories about the Warwick family, and how little of herself she thinks of. Lindy in the beginning of the story feels unworthy of  a successful life that she dreams of having. As I mentioned in the synopsis she saves one of the Warwicks, Gareth, from drowning in the lake but what I failed to mention is how. Lindy does however have one upper hand compared to everyone else, she can hear a subconscious voice that allows her to hear animals in stress, but can sometimes hear humans. The night she saved Gareth she heard him floating in the lake on the verge of drowning.  After taking a possibly drunk Gareth home, she makes a deal that changes her entire life, even though she thinks it is all a dream. I’m not going to tell you what the deal is because then you wouldn’t want to read this amazing book. Lindy leaves Lassitan and does not return until 10 years later, to fulfill her end of the deal she made with the Warwick family.

 Although I am leaving quite a bit of mystery for you, please note that this story captures almost every element of what a reader would want to read. It features magic, love, murder, mystery, and much much more. When I first saw the cover, and read the description I was highly skeptical but once I started this book I simply could not put it down, I was that enveloped in what was going to happen next. 


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The Bridge By Karen Kingsbury

The Bridge
By Karen Kingsbury

For thirty years Charlie and Donna Barton have run The Bridge a book store in Tennessee, not only do they sell books but through the years have touched the lives of many people around them. This includes Molly Allen and Ryan Kelly who met in college and would use The Bridge as their own secret hideout. Years later Molly and Ryan have drifted apart and The Bridge has been hit by hard times after a devastating flood. Now Molly and Ryan are reunited to save their beloved bookstore and maybe work through the hurt of their pasts.

Karen Kingsbury has now made it onto my “Evil Evil Authors” list, I think I cried throughout three fourths of this novella so I definitely recommend grabbing a box of tissues to have by your side as Karen Kingsbury is a master at playing with your heart strings. This was such a beautiful novel of how the smallest thing can truly change a person’s life forever. Each person has a story and Charlie has become a part of that by showing a simple act of kindness to those around him. Karen Kingsbury manages to incorporate so much in such a short book not only Molly and Ryan’s story but also Charlie and Donna and even glimpses into the lives of the many people who were affected by the bookstore. I absolutely loved this book it’s just a simple yet beautiful Christian romance yet the story will stay with you.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

And Then There Was Two!

Hey Everyone! 

I know since I had to take some time off I have been super behind on my reviews, so I decided I needed some help. This is where my dear friend Katie comes in, she has graciously agreed to help me review some of my books! Starting tomorrow she will be posting reviews so be sure to check it out!

Carlousia: The Passing of the Guard By E.G. Carter

The Passing of the Guard
By E.G. Carter

Ten year old Eddie is going through some major life changes, first his family moves to Drayton Woods, and then his Grandfather who was also his best friend passes away. After his Grandfather passes away Eddie soon learns that the stories his grandfather has always told him of a magical place called Carlousia were not fairy tales but in fact is an actual place. Carlousia is in trouble when Eddie first visits and needs his help as the new Guardian, with help from his Carlousian guide Torgy and his furry little friend Wahhaha can Eddie save Carlousia before it’s too late?

This was such a fun book! Eddie and his friends as well as the characters from Carlousia work well together as the story progresses each one bringing a new aspect to the storyline making it a truly fun read. The only real problem I had was in the edition I received there were so many typos, even though they were just little things like except instead of accept it is frustrating but hopefully this will be revised in later editions. That aside it’s a great story from the very beginning and E.G. Carter does remarkable job bringing to life an incredible young adult fantasy. With great fantasy, intense action scenes, and amazing characters I would rate this book five stars hands down if only the typos weren’t in the way.


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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day

Hey Guys! So I know I haven't posted anything in a couple of days but when you are a military family your memorial day weekend tends to be pretty busy. This is the time of year we all take a minute to remember those who have lost their lives in the service of us all. Not only do I try to be grateful that someone gave up their own life to protect the life I enjoy, but I am so very grateful for the ones who have survived. Which brings me to the link below please take a few minutes to visit the Wounded Warrior Project. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I will see you Tuesday! 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mumma Shana by Dana Wolf

Mumma Shana
By Dana Wolf

This is the story of Dorie’s life from the tribulations in her childhood to the heartbreak in her teenage years and through to her adulthood where she continues to face one trial after another. Dorie is raised as a good Jewish girl she struggles with her faith, works to overcome her dysfunctional family, and learns about loss and finds out how to love for the first time.

The first half of this book is all about the pain Dorie has gone through with a father who could care less about her and a mother who is manipulative and mentally abusive to her children. Which is interesting even though the story progresses slowly and the author bounces around in her story from one person to another and from one time period to a completely different one. Then you have the last half of the novel most of which is how Dorie is beginning to stand up for herself and make the changes she desperately needed to make. It isn’t until about eighty percent through the book that I wanted to stop reading completely.

Dorie has been married and has a child with this man and knows he has a drinking problem, when her husband finally confesses to the problem she does not decide “I should try to help him” no she decides “Oh well I wanted to leave you anyway” not only does she want to leave her husband but she wants to leave him for another man who is also married. As if the author caught on that this is a messed up situation she sends Dorie home to her husband and has him “attack” her and throw her on the couch in an effort to justify Dorie’s actions. If this isn’t bad enough the author also seems to take a carbon copy of the hated mother character and re-name her and label her as the wife of the man Dorie is now in love with the only difference being she is physically abusive as well as mentally. When I have already begun to hate the character once it seems deflated to try to hate her again.

I talked to my husband about the book as I often do when I am reading and reviewing, and he says “Personal feelings aside, how is the story?” The only thing I could say was that it was boring nothing really happens until the end and by then I had already wanted to stop reading and pick up something else.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Breeders By Matthew J. Beier

The Breeders
By Matthew J. Beier

In the future homosexuals are reigning supreme and through genetic manipulation control the sexuality of a child making heterosexuals are only a backup plan in case their plans fail most of them are sterile and only a handful are able to reproduce. Grace is a heterosterile, until she becomes pregnant after an encounter with Dex Wheelock. Now she must fight to save the life of her unborn child.

Some aspects of this book are really interesting, such as how Grace became able to reproduce, but then you have to world in which the author has created in which homosexual men are purely driven by their sexual organs. This book is highly adult with rape and consensual episodes around every corner, literally in some instances.  I think if Matthew J. Beier had integrated a perspective of a homosexual man not in the resistance but going along with the political regime then it would have been easier to relate to this book, as it is I just can’t imagine a world where homosexual men have turned into Nazis and all they care about is sex and destroying every last breeder out there. The afterword is a good touch to the novel itself as it explains some things but the purpose of a good book is to do this through the narration. I do think it’s an interesting concept I just wish it had been a bit more believable than it is. 

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Shadow Woman by Linda Howard

Shadow Woman
By Linda Howard

After Lizette climbs out of the shower getting ready to go to work, she makes a startling discovery; she doesn’t recognize the woman looking back at her in the mirror. Every time she tries to understand what she is seeing, why her face has changed and two years are missing from her life she becomes violently ill. Determined to find out what is going on Lizette soon finds a way to work around the block in her mind and pieces together a life completely opposite from her own in every way except one. She has lived them both.

From page one you are assaulted by relentless action and intrigue as Linda Howard takes you through one twist after another. This is definitely a great romance novel, full of steamy scenes, high octane action, and a mystery unlike any other. This book follows your standard romance novel rules, girl has a problem, girl meets boy, boy helps solve problem, and they live happily ever after. What makes this book stand out from the rest by having some of the most intense action scenes with amazing descriptive detail Linda Howard draws you into the story and keeps you hooked as you try to figure out what is so special about Lizette and why someone would want to completely alter her appearance and even her memories. I loved how Lizette starts off as a kind of “wimpy” character and soon you start to see the real woman peak out from behind the mask. The transformation along with amazingly detailed action scenes and an interesting ending makes this a romance novel worth the read.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

White Horse by Alex Adams

White Horse
White Horse Series Book One
By Alex Adams

Zoe once lived an ordinary life, she had family and friends and a decent job as janitor for Pope Pharmaceuticals. Then the world she knew spiraled out of existence leaving Zoe on a journey in a post-apocalyptic world making her way to Greece on a search for a better life. Through flashbacks we are able to see precisely how the world becomes a nightmare full of monsters lurking around every corner, those who were once human and those who are still human but lost their humanity somewhere in the chaos.  

This novel starts off from the beginning as a harsh assessment of the monsters that human beings can become. This is a brutal story full of murder and unspeakable violence in a world that has been left ravaged; it is certainly not for the faint of heart. For the most part I liked this book, the flashbacks of how the world began to change was much more interesting to me then the “now” portion of the book until Zoe finally makes it to Greece and the author seems to open up and the post-apocalyptic world becomes even more enthralling than the downfall of mankind. The only problem I had with the book was the big bad villain was more annoying than anything else, but in the end it works into the story a bit better and you’re not rolling your eyes every time they show up. Plus with an ending like this one has chances are you’ll read book two regardless just to see what happens next.

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Slither Sisters By Charles Gilman

The Slither Sisters
Tales from Lovecraft Middle School Book Two
By Charles Gilman

Once again we join the adventure of Robert a seventh grader at the new Lovecraft Middle School picking up right where Professor Gargoyle left off. There are two new monsters to fight against in this book, twin sisters who are running for student counsel. Will Robert be able to stop them before they take over the entire school?

Once again Lovecraft Middle school sucks you straight into the story, with Robert battling monsters from another dimension that appear as students from around the school. I absolutely loved this book it’s a great continuation of the story but also in this book Charles Gilman has added an unlikely ally to Robert and Glenn as they continue on in a search to stop the evil Tillinghast. Not only is this a fantastic story it also has some amazing illustrations by Eugene Smith who does a fantastic job capturing what Charles Gilman is trying to get across to his readers and bringing it to life throughout the pages of the books. This is definitely one of those “fun for all ages” books making it a perfect series to read along with your kids.  

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Friday, May 17, 2013

The Portal By Alan Zendell Review

The Portal
By Alan Zendell

Set over one hundred years in the future in a declining society we meet a special boy, Harry who will soon leave his mark on the world. The story begins when Harry is fourteen after he loses his one friend and confidant, his grandfather, Harry spirals into a deep depression until he meets a remarkable girl that soon captures his heart.  Harry wants nothing more than to spend the rest of his life with Lorrie; instead he spends the rest of his life searching for her when she disappears.

Throughout the story we follow along through each of Harry’s loves and losses spanning his entire life, we also follow along through his triumphs in his own personal life as he is determined to effect change in the world around him and not just be a bystander in society.  The story itself is interesting, a love story mixed with futuristic political unrest. The author does a great job of getting his point across and describing the nation and the problems the world is facing drawing you into the story even further as you begin to hope for a solution. The only real problem with this book is that if you are going to set it in the future we need more descriptive scenery you wouldn’t know it was a futuristic novel if the author didn’t incorporate holograms and also add in dates so that you know how much time has passed between each event in Harry’s life. If you don’t mind relying on your own imagination when it comes to the scenery then this is definitely worth the read.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Life and Loss

So I know I haven't been on here in a while and the last update was about my medical problems. I am fine but during the process of trying to find out what exactly was wrong with me my father passed away. He had just turned 50 in December and being his only child over the age of 18 I was left to take care of all the arrangements and everything that comes with someone passing away, including the drama lol. Everything has been taken care of and all I can say is please, PLEASE if you do not have life insurance go out and get some now. Its been hard but I am looking forward to getting back to my reviews. I will be taking it slower than I reviewed previously, and I apologize if I caused any inconvenience to the authors, publishers, and to my readers. Let's hope I don't get thrown another curve ball any time soon. :)