Thursday, May 30, 2013

Holy Suspicion By Melissa Love

Holy Suspicion
By Melissa Love

Victoria Winter was once First Lady of a mega church in Indiana, then while they were broadcasting live her two oldest daughters exposed their Christian husband’s sinful acts bringing the Winter family down to its knees, but not to pray. Nine years later they are still working to overcome what has happened to them, Victoria is trying to get her youngest daughter, God Fearing Naomi, to marry the pastor of the third largest mega church. Will Victoria’s persistence tear this family apart or can Naomi live happily ever after?

You would think that being obsessed with church is not a bad thing, Melissa Love proves how wrong that assumption can be. At first you keep wondering what is wrong with Victoria, but as the story goes along you realize she is just straight up crazy. I absolutely loved it; the story is captivating the ending is absolutely astonishing. I am not sure if this is meant to be funny but it is one of the best dark comedies I have come across. With a sardonic look into modern day Christianity and a mother’s obsession the book keeps you entertained from page one.

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