Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Carlousia: The Passing of the Guard By E.G. Carter

The Passing of the Guard
By E.G. Carter

Ten year old Eddie is going through some major life changes, first his family moves to Drayton Woods, and then his Grandfather who was also his best friend passes away. After his Grandfather passes away Eddie soon learns that the stories his grandfather has always told him of a magical place called Carlousia were not fairy tales but in fact is an actual place. Carlousia is in trouble when Eddie first visits and needs his help as the new Guardian, with help from his Carlousian guide Torgy and his furry little friend Wahhaha can Eddie save Carlousia before it’s too late?

This was such a fun book! Eddie and his friends as well as the characters from Carlousia work well together as the story progresses each one bringing a new aspect to the storyline making it a truly fun read. The only real problem I had was in the edition I received there were so many typos, even though they were just little things like except instead of accept it is frustrating but hopefully this will be revised in later editions. That aside it’s a great story from the very beginning and E.G. Carter does remarkable job bringing to life an incredible young adult fantasy. With great fantasy, intense action scenes, and amazing characters I would rate this book five stars hands down if only the typos weren’t in the way.


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